True Detective

True Detective

True Detective is a drama crime television series that airs on HBO. The first episode was released in January 2014. The show follows the lives of two detectives by the names of Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, who find themselves becoming entangled during a 17-year hunt for a dangerous serial killer in Louisiana. Throughout the season, viewers experience the murder investigation that finally leads to the capture of the killer they have spent their careers looking for. You can watch True Detective online to catch up on season one before the premiere of the next.


True Detective Season Premiere

The very first episode of the first season of True Detective takes places in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, in 1995. During this time, detectives Martin Hart and Rustin Cohle begin to investigate the ritualistic murder of a former prostitute named Dora Kelly Lange. Dora is found in a field of burning crops that is still smoking. She appears to have a ritualistic symbol painted on her back and is wearing a crown made out of deer antlers. She is also posed as if she is praying to a large tree in front of her. Other items such as twigs and Cajun bird traps are also found around the field and near Dora’s body. While Chole thinks that this is probably not the first murder that the killer has completed, Hart is not so sure about that. Because Cohle is a newer detective and has a bit of a mysterious past, the other detectives are a bit skeptical about him. With this new murder investigation opened, it brings up former cases that could be linked to this, one including the disappearance of a little girl named Marie five years before Dora’s murder and a case where a child claimed they were being chased through the woods by a monster with green ears. Cohle and Hart follow up on the disappearance of Marie by visiting her uncle where they end up finding twig latticework similar to those found around Dora Kelly Lange.

Fast-forward 17 years when both Cohle and Hart are interviewed about the murder of Dora Lange by detectives Maynard Gilbough and Thomas Papania. They are shown a photograph of another woman who was murdered and posed in the same fashion as Dora. They want to know how it is possible that another murder was committed by the same killer if he was caught back in 1995, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Full Season Synopsis

The story of the murder investigation then goes back and forth between 1995 and present day to fill viewers in on what has happened and how small details regarding the murder and the possible killer suspect have changed over the years. We first learn that Dora Lange was attending church before she had disappeared. In addition to the investigation, Hart and Cole find themselves hostile towards one another when Cohle finds out that Hart is cheating on his wife with a court reporter named Lisa. Cohle also experiences hallucinatory side effects because of his drug use. While Cohle is buying drugs from a prostitute, he learns about a ranch in a remote area where runaway girls live and work as prostitutes. Here, they find Lange’s diary and discover the location of the church that was burned down in a fire. While they are searching through the wreckage of the church, they find an image of a woman who appears to have deer antlers on her head. The detectives locate the former pastor of the church and find out that Dora was commonly seen with a tall man who had scars on his face. They then begin searching for this potential suspect.

Upon going through files, Cohle finds a case that shared similar elements to that of Lange. The death of Rianne Olivie was ruled as accidental. They learn that she attended a religious school called the Light of Way Academy before running off with her boyfriend named Reggie Ledoux. It is then revealed that Ledoux was a former cellmate of Lange’s ex-husband Charlie. The detectives immediately put out an all-points bulletin on Ledoux while they head out to question Charlie Lange again. Upon questioning, it is revealed that Lange did show Ledoux photographs of Dora. He also claims that Ledoux told him about a group of rich men who would get together for devil worshiping that involved sacrifices of both women and children. Throughout the season, Ledoux ends up being killed, but it is later revealed that he was not actually the serial killer and that the man is still out there killing others.

In 2012, we learn that detectives Papania and Gilbough suspect that Cohle has been the killer all along, as he conveniently led Hart to all of the different clues within the case. He was also spotted by witnesses at the Lake Charles killing, which was similar to that of Dora Lange’s murder. Cohle tells Hart of his theories regarding the investigation that mixes courir de Mardi Gras, santería and voudon together to form some sort of ritualistic cult. Gilbough and Papania are then seen questioning a caretaker at the parish on a riding lawn mower. Upon driving away, they notice the scarring on the bottom half of his face.

The Season Finale

The True Detective season finale first starts by showing the facial-scarred killer in his messy home. He keeps is father chained to a bed out in a shed with his mouth sewn shut. The man is barely living. Clues continue to lead Hart and Cohle to the killer, whose name is Errol Childress. He tries to flee through the woods. Cohle begins hallucinating within the house and is then suddenly attacked by Childress and stabbed in the stomach. Hart arrives and shoots Errol but does not harm him enough as he throws a hatchet right into Hart’s chest. Right as Errol is about to kill Hart, Cohle shoots him in the head to kill him. The season ends with the two detectives leaving the hospital together, laughing. Watch True Detective online to experience this thrilling season yourself.