True Blood

True Blood

All six seasons of True Blood have now aired, but you can watch True Blood online to catch up on any episodes you missed. The show ended with the characters having changed significantly over the course of the series. Here are some of the story arcs you might have missed.

True Blood’s Beginnings

In the beginning of the series, Sookie Stackhouse was a sweet, innocent girl who had never had a boyfriend and had grown up with her brother and grandmother. She was able to read the minds of other humans and some supernatural creatures. She remained close to her brother, Jason, and as an adult was still living with her grandmother in a home that had been in the family for generations. For three years, the world had been trying to cope with vampires coming out into the open and integrating themselves into society. Humans knew little about vampires, but they were drawn to their good looks and sensual nature.

In the first episode, Sookie meets the first vampire to move to her small hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana. The vampire, Bill Compton, was seated at the diner where Sookie worked as a waitress and ordered True Blood, the commercially available synthetic blood the series was named after. After Sookie saved Bill from kidnappers, they begin to have feelings for each other. Throughout the season, they date and get to know each other better. He attempts to save her when a serial killer tries to murder her in the Bon Temps cemetery during the day at great risk to himself.


Eric Northman

Bill takes Sookie to a vampire bar in Baton Rouge called Fangtasia. The owner, Eric Northman, is a 1,000-year-old vampire who takes an interest in Sookie. He and Bill have a history with each other and the conflict between them escalates as they each want Sookie. When Eric’s maker, the vampire who changed him, goes missing, he enlists Sookie to infiltrate an anti-vampire cult in Texas to look for him. She finds him being held captive, and she is rescued by Eric just before she is assaulted by a member of the cult. Sookie and Eric begin to develop feelings for each other as he risks himself to save her from the cult. Eric’s maker, Godric, dies and Sookie sees a new, sensitive side to Eric as he mourns the death.

Supernatural Creatures Abound

Throughout the series, a variety of supernatural creatures come to Bon Temps to create trouble for Sookie, Bill and Eric. One of the creatures is Sookie’s boss Sam who is revealed to be a shapeshifter. A maenad comes to town and hypnotizes everyone except Sookie and a few other supernatural creatures. She kills multiple secondary characters in her attempt to conjure up her ancient husband. She is finally killed by Sam in the form of a bull.

Werewolves enter the series in season three. Alcide is sent by Eric to protect Sookie from a 3,000-year-old vampire who has kidnapped Bill. She doesn’t want to stay protected and goes to Mississippi to look for Bill. She and Eric are captured by the king of Mississippi. They escape from the king, Sookie rescues Bill and the two of them return to Bon Temps.

Witches come to town in season four and seek revenge on the vampires for breaking up their rituals. Vampires fear being placed under spells, and the witches eventually do just that in order to control and kill vampires. Eric’s memory is erased by a witch, and he and Sookie become a couple as she protects him from both witches and other vampires. At the end of the season, his memory comes back and he wants to continue the relationship he had developed with Sookie. She refuses and seeks to live a life without vampires in it.

Fairy Lore

Partway through the series, it is revealed that Sookie is a fairy-human hybrid with a small percentage of fairy in her genes. Her brother does not share her fairy genes, but some of her ancestors did. Her fairy powers are the reason for her telekinetic power, and she discovers that they also allow her to protect herself with a ball of light that emanates from her hands. As the series progresses, she gains more and more control over her powers and can deliver a blast of light that can stop even powerful vampires. She visits the fairy realm twice and discovers that time moves more slowly there.

After a quick visit to the realm, she finds that a year has passed for the rest of the world. The town, including her brother, believed she had been killed by Bill, and she finds that Jason sold her house to Eric while she was gone. Eric and Bill both find her fairy powers to be useful on occasion when they need her to read minds. She eventually learns that vampires have been drawn to her because she is a fairy and that most fairies were killed by vampires. Her blood allows vampires to go out briefly during the day, and she is a sought-after prize for that ability. Watch True Blood online to see how her powers are discovered and develop slowly over time.

Love Square

While the love triangle of Sookie, Bill and Eric is a main component of the series, the addition of the werewolf Alcide adds another dimension to the series in its later seasons. During the final season, Sookie and Alcide are a couple and live together in Sookie’s house until he is finally killed during a town rebellion. As a fatal disease rages in the vampire community, both Eric and Bill are infected. Eric finds a cure, but Bill refuses it. With Alcide gone and Eric preoccupied with the cure, Bill knows that Sookie won’t seek a human spouse as long as Bill is alive. He urges Sookie to kill him and move on, and she complies. After many supernatural twists and turns, Sookie ends up without the vampires she loved and leads the simple human life Bill had wanted for her.