Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

While Kate Walrus (Malin Akerman) is a free-spirited party girl with few responsibilities, she commits herself to a relationship when she falls in love with Pete Harrison (Bradley Whitford). She is required to grow up and help raise Pete’s three children when they get married. The title Trophy Wife may not appeal to some viewers, but this witty sitcom has little to do with a pretty wife who serves as window dressing for her husband’s success. Kate and Pete truly love each other but must struggle with family life since Kate is a new stepmother, and Pete’s two ex-wives will not let her forget this. Watch Trophy Wife online now to see what all the excitement is about.

Family Life

Kate and Pete meet at a karaoke bar when they topple into each other and find love at first sight. A year later, Kate and Pete are married and trying to live a normal life together. Since Kate used to live a wild life and is younger than Pete and his former wives, she thinks connecting to Pete’s children will be easy, but it’s hard for them to think of her as a cool mom while they still view her as just a stepmother. Warren (Ryan Lee) and Burt (Albert Tsai) seem to warm up to Kate, but Hillary (Bailee Madison) has trouble trusting Kate and her new place in the family. Hillary takes after her mother Diane (Marcia Gay Harden), and their decisive, controlling and aggressive natures clash with Kate’s impulsive and overly cheerful attitude. Kate has an occasional ally in Pete’s second ex-wife. Jackie (Michaela Watkins) is willing to cut Kate slack when she can pay attention to a situation long enough to give her input, but her flaky nature and tendency to overstay her welcome often makes her another problem Kate must deal with.


Not a Trophy Wife

A loving, stable family is something Kate has always longed for, but she cannot completely give up her old life because her best friend Meg (Natalie Morales) has known Kate since they were children who took advantage of Kate’s mother’s loose parenting style. Kate tries to leave her hard partying lifestyle behind her, but Meg is still a careless slacker who is only interested in having fun and is not looking to change. Kate must find a way to keep Meg in her life and reconcile the adventurous spirit she still possesses with her new life of raising a family. Kate starts to find that her energetic nature and positive outlook on life can help her makeshift family through difficult situations. However, this is only if she isn’t the one causing the problems.

The Former Wives

Diane and Jackie are no longer married to Pete, but they still seem to be at his house frequently. Dr. Diane Buckley is an orthopedic surgeon who is compared to Scandal’s Olivia Pope for her no-nonsense approach to life and ability to get anything done. Naturally, Diane believes her way of parenting is best and wants Kate to simply do what she says, but Kate is determined to prove she can be a good stepmother without Diane’s help. Though Diane may scare her, she frequently stands up to Diane and tries to earn her respect.

Perhaps Pete sought out Diane’s opposite and found Jackie when his first relationship ended. Jackie Fisher is Pete’s second ex-wife that still collects alimony because she has a hard time sticking to a career path or even remembering her current career goal. Jackie believes in the power of crystals and natural remedies but often abandons her principles when intimidated by Diane. Though zany and scatterbrained, she adores her adopted son Bert and often includes him in her schemes. She usually has a differing viewpoint when compared to the rest of the adults, but she often remains blissfully ignorant of this.

Pete and the Kids

Pete loves his wife, children and career as a lawyer but is not pleased with the constant interruptions in his life caused by his ex-wives and Meg. As the only adult male surrounded by many women, some might assume Pete would be the straight man of Trophy Wife. However, Pete has quirks as he treats milestones like a child losing a tooth as sacred, writes erotic fiction involving lawyers and can sometimes get too caught up in proving his manhood.

Hillary and Warren are twins who sometimes seem like strangers. Hillary is as focused and serious as her mother, and Warren is sensitive, sweet and awkward. While it takes Hilary some time to trust Kate, Warren is charmed by her good looks and congenial attitude. Warren often needs advice from the adults about acting normal, but Hillary needs guidance about loosening up. They both have good relationships with their parents, but Warren may be too attached to his mother while Hillary and Diane’s similar personalities make them in sync but also leads to ferocious competition.

While Pete and Kate may not be allowed to have favorites, Pete and Jackie’s adopted child Burt is definitely a fan favorite. Burt has the same wonder for life that his mother does but possesses more common sense. Burt makes many innocent mistakes like believing he has a uterus but can also act mature for his age as he once wanted to invest his tooth fairy money in the stock market.

The Life of a Trophy Wife

Many of the episodes focus on amusing situations Kate must navigate through, but there are some important storylines throughout the duration of the show. Kate tries to form bonds with her new stepchildren, Kate and Pete renew their vows with the whole family present and Hillary and Warren face growing up. Additionally, Diane and Jackie struggle with romances as Diane has a long-term boyfriend no one knows about and Jackie meets a man known as Sad Steve and tries to tell Burt about her relationship with him.

Those who watch Trophy Wife online can get to know the Harrisons and their unusual yet lovable lifestyle.