The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most entertaining, funny and intelligent series ever made. Conceived by Matt Groening, The Simpsons is a household name all over the world. The Simpsons is loosely based on the creator Matt Groening’s family.

This satirical series depicts the nuclear family perfectly with Homer (the father), Marge (the mother), Bart (the oldest child), Lisa (the middle child), and Maggie (the baby). Set in the fictitious town of Springfield, The Simpsons parodies everything from television, literature, the standard American way of living and life itself. The episodes can also be as farfetched as the family going to a theme park, only to have to fight off killer robots.


As the longest running American sitcom, as well as the longest running animated television show, The Simpsons have made a huge impact in the world. They have influenced numerous adult-oriented series such as South Park, Family Guy, The Critic and Mission Hill. They have also created words such as “D’oh” that are now in the Oxford dictionary. The Simpsons have officially left their mark on television and cultural history.

Major Characters

Each character, no matter how silly, can be related to in some shape or form. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and even Maggie complement each other extremely well. In almost every episode, one family member comes through for another in the end. They truly convey the importance of family.

Homer Simpson

Homer is the main character of the show. He is depicted as fat, lazy and dumb; however, he does everything he can to take care of his family and his heart is always in the right place. Even though he is often shown as idiotic, Homer has burst of genius ideas throughout the show, especially when it comes to helping his family out of a problematic situation. Homer works as an entry-level safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, although he is severely under qualified and has been known to put the town in jeopardy from time to time. In his free time, Homer can either be found at Moe’s Tavern, the bowling alley or at home on the couch watching television while eating pork rinds and drinking beer. Despite his oafish behavior, Homer tries to do everything in his power to make his wife and three children happy. Homer has taken on extra jobs that literally have him work 24 hours a day, given away his most prized possessions and sacrificed his dream job just to make his family happy.

Marge Simpson

Formerly Marge Bouvier, Marge Simpson Homer’s wife and mother to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. She has two older sisters, who both enjoy picking on Homer. Marge is a full time homemaker and mother, and is the voice of common sense to the Simpson clan. Marge goes above and beyond for her family every day. She makes home cooked meals around the clock, keeps Bart in check, talks Homer out of insane ideas, assures Lisa that it’s okay to be different and watches over baby Maggie. Marge has dabbled in jobs from time to time as well. She has worked in the nuclear power plant with Homer, owned her own pretzel business and was even a cop. However, Marge is the most happy while being at home nurturing, and defending, her family.

Bart Simpson

Bart is the oldest child and is the second most important character in the series. Bart is known to be rebellious, mischievous and often mistaken for dangerous. He is usually in detention for playing an extremely elaborate prank on the principal or his fourth grade teacher. Bart also takes after his father in the sense that he is considered not too bright, though he has moments where he even outshines his genius sister Lisa. Also like Homer, Bart usually means well and tries to do the right thing, though in more instances than not, Bart is usually trying to correct his mistakes. Even though he often picks on his younger sister Lisa, Bart is very protective and quite close with her. He will often help her solve problems and offer advice when it comes to social situations.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa is the middle child of the Simpson clan. With an IQ of 159, she is easily the smartest one of the family and fellow peers, and is often ostracized for being so intelligent. Lisa, like Marge, is the moral compass of the family. After visiting a petting farm and falling in love with a lamb, Lisa becomes a vegetarian. She is often on a soapbox, trying to explain to her family and neighbors, why it’s important to save the planet and to do the right thing. Her parents are so focused on Bart that they often neglect her. Due to not being the primary focal point of the family, she has found happiness in playing the saxophone, riding horses and of course studying. She is very close with Homer and is often trying to find activities for them to do together. This greatly helps expands Homer’s view of the world.

Maggie Simpson

Maggie, the baby, is always seen with a pacifier, and she has demonstrated signs of extreme intelligence like her older sister Lisa. Even though she can’t talk, Maggie is still a big part of the show. Throughout the series, she has shot the evil town’s billionaire Mr. Burns, freed hundreds of babies at an uptight nursery and saved her dad from drowning in the ocean.

Guest Voices Galore

Actors know they have made it big when they’re asked to be a guest voice on The Simpsons. Guests have included Michael Jackson, Mel Brooks, Rodney Dangerfield, John Waters, Elizabeth Taylor and The Rolling Stones, portraying everything from insane asylum roommates, long lost sons to even themselves.

You can watch The Simpsons online to see your favorite celebrities in Simpsons form. You will also be giving your stomach the best workout ever because every episode will have you laughing non-stop.