The Neighbors

The Neighbors

The Neighbors on ABC follows the story of the Weaver family, who have just moved to Hidden Hills, New Jersey from the bustling city. The Weavers are a bit dysfunctional, but they want to improve, and they think that moving out of the city and into the suburbs is just the medicine they need.

The fancy suburb of Hidden Hills has a private golf course and is entirely gated. It looks like a dream to Marty and Debbie Weaver along with their three kids, Amber, Max and Abby. All of them were lucky to get into an available house. There hadn’t been one open for 10 years.

Everything seems perfect upon their arrival, and things are already starting to look up for the Weavers, but the family soon gets an unexpected surprise when they learn that their neighbors are all aliens from the planet Zabvron. While this is naturally quite a shock at first, the Weavers and the aliens eventually strike a friendly chord together, and over time, they learn to get along and actually become friends.


The First Meeting

The Weavers interact primarily with their next-door neighbors, Larry Bird and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Larry proclaims himself the leader of the entire community. These two are married, and they and their children look like real humans for all intents and purposes. In truth, they are actually slimy, green aliens underneath their human skin. Together, Larry and Jackie have two alien children named Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson. The Weavers soon find out that every alien in the Hidden Hills community is named after a famous athlete.

Over the first few episodes, the Weavers learn that the Zabvronians are waiting for contact from their alien family and friends back home. They’ve actually been waiting for the last ten years, and they want to go home. The Weavers are the first humans the Zabvronians have ever encountered among their kind, and in time, they find that being around humans can prove quite useful for gaining knowledge.

The Weavers take in all of the new information that has been presented to them about their neighbors with reticence, and while they wrestle with whether they should move or stay, they inevitably end up staying. Their reasoning is that because the Zabvronians are peaceful aliens, they might as well stay and take advantage of their beautiful, new home.

Season 1

Season 1 is filled with memorable quotes and hilarious antics from both families. Larry and Jackie are trying to adjust to the ways of the humans, so they’re always open to suggestions from Marty and Debbie. In episode 2, Jackie signs Reggie and Dick up for public school at Debbie’s urging. The Bird-Kersees also spend their first day at an American mall. Later in the season, the alien togetherness gets to be a little too much for Debbie, so she arranges a girl’s night with her human girlfriends. In the end, Jackie ends up coming anyway, but when she behaves like a Real Housewife of New Jersey, problems naturally ensue between Jackie, Debbie and Debbie’s human friends.

One of the recurring issues that comes up between the Weavers and their alien neighbors is etiquette. It turns out that bathroom etiquette is not quite as important to aliens as it is to humans. While Marty and Debbie try desperately to change their new friends’ ways and help them adapt better, some of the attempts end up being rather futile.

More serious issues are dealt with as well. In one episode, the human suburb gardener has a heart attack when he sees Jackie changing from a human to an alien through her window. This shocks everyone, but most of all, it freaks Larry and Jackie out. They don’t know what death is or what it means. Debbie and Marty try to explain, but everything gets turned upside down when Larry is able to use a special alien formula to change the course of what has happened and bring the gardener’s life back.

Season 2

Season 2 of the show brings new and hilarious antics from both the Weavers and the Zabvronians. There’s love in Hidden Hills between Amber and Reggie, and their parents are not too happy. A meeting is called to discuss whether the relationship should be permitted, but just when the union seems to be okay with everyone involved, a new girl enters the mix to compete for the affections of Reggie.

Hilariousness ensues throughout the season as the Weavers continue to teach new human rituals to their alien friends. Meanwhile, the Zabvronians are always revealing new and shocking information about themselves.

Holidays seem to be a particularly troublesome concept to understand for the aliens. Marty tries desperately to explain to Larry what April Fool’s Day is, but even the elaborate prank he plays misses the mark. Later, Larry tries to take holiday planning up a notch when he combines Chanukah and Halloween to form a brand new mega holiday that won’t be matched by any other. Near the end of the season, Thanksgiving also gets bungled when Marty’s parents arrive and announce their divorce. All of the Zabvronians get in on the story to learn about the nature of human relationships. Not surprisingly, the humans learn something as well.

The second season of The Neighbors wraps up with a few unanswered questions. Jackie and Larry had been wanting another child, and a surprise awaits them in the final episode. At the same time, their son Reggie longs to be transformed into a human.

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This wonderful, side-splitting show only lasted two seasons on ABC, but it’s still available. Watch The Neighbors online and follow the Weavers and their alien neighbors on all of their earth-bound and intergalactic adventures together. It’s a great family-friendly show that combines novelty, family values and a little dash of out-of-this-world humor.