The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is a workplace romantic comedy that is written by and stars Mindy Kaling, known for her acting and writing work on the hit sitcom The Office. This hilarious take on the traditional romantic comedy features an outstanding cast, plenty of wonderful guest stars and an exciting plot line that keeps audiences coming back week after week. See the series that’s causing such a stir and watch The Mindy Project online!


About The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project follows Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling), an incredibly successful gynecologist who can’t figure out how to find love in New York City. She works with the attractive and witty Jeremy Reid (Ed Weeks), the manly man who has a thing for her named Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), the overly ambitious receptionist Betsy Putch (Zoe Jarman) and the terrible nurse Beverly (Beth Grant). This cast of quirky co-workers makes for a ton of fun and a lot of awkward stories, but the end result is always funny.

Season 1

After making an embarrassing wedding toast at her ex-boyfriend Tom’s (Bill Hader) wedding and being arrested as a drunk, Mindy decides it is time to turn her life around and find love. No longer will Mindy give in to encounters with attractive men like her co-worker Jeremy. Mindy is on a quest to find true love, which is hard for a doctor to do. While neither will acknowledge it, underneath the constant bickering and criticism, there is a lot of chemistry between Mindy and her other co-worker Danny.

Mindy is determined to turn her obsession with romantic comedies into action and get what she wants out of life. She’s going to be different, and that means hiring ex-convict Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz) to fill in for Beverly. He may be weird, but he’s good with people.

After a night at the club, Mindy hits it off with a sports lawyer that represents the New York Knicks, Josh (Tommy Dewey). As she tries to manage that relationship, Mindy struggles with finding her own gynecologist, running into an old date (Ed Helms) and dealing with the head of the medical practice leaving the office. Just as things seem to be going well with Josh, Mindy discovers he is cheating on her.

Mindy swears off men as she tries to help her brother and then her best friend through their problems before returning to her old ways. Instead of being the new Mindy, she hooks up with the rival of the practice: a midwife (Mark Duplass). Danny meanwhile tries his hand at dating, too. Mindy continues striking out with men (B.J. Novak and Seth Rogen) before finally meeting a minister named Casey (Anders Holm).

While Danny starts rebuilding his relationship with his ex-wife Christina (Chloë Sevigny), Mindy makes things work with Casey despite their incredibly different lives. Mindy begins to really start becoming a new person when she agrees to go with Casey on a mission trip to Haiti.

Season 2

In Season 2 of The Mindy Project, Mindy and Casey’s life in Haiti is halted when Mindy suddenly becomes sick and is flown home to New York. Danny is struggling with Christina, but the hunky doctor (James Franco) that appears to have replaced Mindy offers to help with sex therapy. Jeremy starts losing his confidence as he gains weight.

Things fall apart between Mindy and Casey after he returns home to become a DJ. Mindy ends up getting sued by Morgan for sexual harassment with the help of a handsome lawyer (Glenn Howerton). Danny can’t seem to make things work with Christina, especially after she puts nude pictures of him in an art show. As the office becomes overwhelmed with patients, Mindy hires a bro-tastic doctor named Peter (Adam Pally) who isn’t well received by his colleagues despite his unbelievable skill.

Mindy tries to make things work with an art critic (Ben Feldmen), but he drops her when he realizes she is a phony. Danny accuses her of being picky, so Mindy tries to make it work with a pathetic skater (Timothy Olyphant), but she fails there too.

Things never seem to be going right for Mindy as she ends up being invited to Josh’s wedding. She decides to push things forward with Cliff while Danny struggles with his feelings for Mindy. She starts hitting it off with Cliff in a really big way and their relationship seems rock solid until she runs into Casey during a business trip to Los Angeles.

Mindy gets caught in a lie about meeting Casey, and although nothing happened, Cliff dumps her because he feels he can no longer trust her. Alone and vulnerable, Mindy and Danny finally kiss each other on the plane ride home.

Meanwhile, Cliff thinks he acted irrationally and tries to reconnect with Mindy, but that definitely doesn’t work—Mindy and Danny are made for each other! At least, they appear to be. The next few weeks are a struggle as Mindy and Danny try to adjust to their new relationship while keeping things secret. Unfortunately, Danny and Mindy can’t seem to work their relationship out, and Mindy quickly attempts a relationship with a police officer (Tim Daly) that tickets her repeatedly.

The police officer is quickly realized to be too much man for Mindy to handle. She starts grasping at straws when she believes a man from the subway is the one for her. When she finds an ad in the paper seeking her out, she knows it has to be him. After a lot investigating, Mindy discovers Danny was the man who put out the ad in a romantic effort to win her back—and it works!

Season 3 (Upcoming)

Now that they are finally back together, Mindy and Danny are going to have to figure out how to maintain their relationship publicly. While the series arch revolves around Mindy (and Danny), the rest of the gang has plenty of compelling and funny stories that have happened and have yet to happen. Watch The Mindy Project online now to catch up with the terrific cast of delightfully odd characters before the new episodes air!