The Mentalist

The Mentalist

Follow Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation, as he uses his uncanny powers of deduction to solve even the most difficult crimes. Jane’s unconventional methods of investigation perplex and often frustrate his CBI contacts, including straight-and-narrow Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and agents Kimball Cho (Tim Kang), Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti). Catch up on all their cases when you watch The Mentalist online.

The Mentalist Season 1

Jane works with the CBI with single-minded purpose. He’s fixated on hunting down Red John, the serial killer that murdered Jane’s wife and daughter. Red John leaves a red smiley face painted in blood at all of his crime scenes. In season one, another killer tries to use Red John’s calling card to cover his tracks, but Jane quickly identifies the fraud. The real Red John rears up in the season finale when he uses his friend and his former lover to lure Lisbon and Jane into a trap. Jane saves Agent Lisbon’s life, but Red John escapes.


Season 2

Concerned with Lisbon and Jane’s objectivity, the CBI director reassigns the Red John case to Agent Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney), Lisbon’s former partner and a man she harbors strong feelings for. Jane leaves the CBI but is inevitably sucked back in by the challenge of solving a case in less than 24 hours. He also helps exonerate Lisbon when her psychiatrist frames her for murder and quickly figures out that agents Van Pelt and Rigsby have become romantically involved. Unfortunately, their relationship doesn’t last.

Bosco and Jane butt heads when Jane bugs Bosco’s office, but working another case together leads Bosco to value Jane’s skills. On the cusp of discovering the serial killer’s identity, Bosco and his team are murdered by Red John’s CBI mole. Red John reveals he is obsessed with Jane and will only allow Jane to solve his crimes. He proves this when he saves Jane from a copycat killer in the season finale.

Season 3

His experience with Red John leaves Jane shaken, and Lisbon has to convince Jane to continue working for the CBI. Red John doggedly torments Jane by interfering in Jane’s other cases. He once goes so far as to murder a suspect that was in Jane’s custody, and it quickly becomes clear that he has another mole in the CBI office.

Jane recruits the CBI team to help him uncover the mole when Red John threatens their former director’s life. Their ruse reveals Van Pelt’s fiancee Craig O’ Laughlin (Eric Winter) is the mole. O’Laughlin is killed, and his death brings Red John out of hiding. Timothy Carter (Bradley Whitford) reveals himself as Red John and offers details about Jane’s wife and child as proof. Overcome by grief and with his own life threatened, Jane shoots and kills Carter.

Season 4

A calm and collected Jane is arrested for Carter’s murder. He’s as shocked as everyone else to learn that Carter didn’t have a gun or the cell phone tying him to Red John’s crimes. Jane successfully defends himself in court but confides to Lisbon that while Carter was one of Red John’s accomplices, he was not Red John himself.

The CBI team is dissolved and reassigned, but Jane manipulates the CBI director into reforming the team. Red John murders another serial killer, drawing the attention of the FBI. Jane works to lure FBI Agent Susan Darcy (Catherine Dent) off of Red John’s trail, but Red John sabotages Jane’s efforts. Darcy comes to believe that Jane is working with Red John.

After Jane gets himself fired from the CBI, he spends six months in a drunken stupor. Red John offers Jane a partnership through his underling Lorelei Martins (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Jane returns to the CBI and reveals that he’s faked his breakdown to draw Red John out. Red John, of course, escapes capture yet again, but Lorelei is taken into custody.

Season 5

Lorelei appears to escape from prison, but Jane’s probing reveals that an FBI agent extorted a prison driver into taking Lorelei to him. Jane manages to break Lorelei out of federal prison and pretends that Lorelei kidnapped him. The CBI team investigates and discovers that Lorelei had a sister murdered by Red John. Lorelei refuses to believe Red John was involved, but Jane thinks she will in time. He helps her escape but not before she reveals that he’s met Red John before.

Now convinced that Red John killed her sister, Lorelei pops back up on the radar just long enough to murder one of Red John’s accomplices and be murdered herself. The season draws to a close with Jane narrowing his list of suspects down to a mere seven names. Following Jane’s every move is Agent Robert Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan), a man whose name is on Jane’s short list. You can also catch a season five flashback episode revealing how Jane came to work for the FBI when you watch The Mentalist online.

Season 6

The team works together to catch Red John as his murder spree paints Palm Springs red. Agent Kirkland unexpectedly kidnaps Jane after Jane plants a fake list of Red John suspects. Kirkland believes Red John murdered his brother. Jane whittles his list down until he meets Red John face-to-face. Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley), a man who has been a reoccurring character since season one, is revealed. Jane ends up strangling him to death. In the meantime, Van Pelt and Rigsby get married.

Six months later, the CBI team has dissolved once again and Jane takes a job offer from the FBI. Jane manages to rope Lisbon in as well. Lisbon eventually agrees to take a job in Washington, D.C., forcing Jane to admit his romantic feelings to her. Season six of The Mentalist draws to a close as the two confess and share a kiss.