The Good Wife

The Good Wife

If you love TV shows, you probably have a must-see list of shows that you just CAN’T miss week after week. You’re also probably always on the lookout for new gems to start watching avidly.Then there are some TV series that have been running for years that you just haven’t seen yet. Those are the perfect binge-watching shows: you can go from episode to episode without having to suffer through cliffhangers while waiting for the next week – or the next season.

 Craving for a Binge-Watch? Check Out The Good Wife

You’ve probably heard of The Good Wife from CBS. Already in its 6th season, The Good Wife has received high ratings and has gotten many a TV show lover hooked.

Maybe it’s time you put it on your list of “to-binge-watch” shows.


What’s The Good Wife all about?

As the title implies, the show revolves around the character of Alicia, played by Julianna Margulies. Married to a former state attorney, Alicia has always been the proverbial “good wife.” Her husband was faced with sex and corruption charges and was sent to prison. Being the good wife – and parent – that she is, Alicia goes back to join the rat race as a litigator so that she can provide for her family.

Interesting premise, isn’t it?

If that synopsis doesn’t really make you crave a weekend on the couch with only bathroom and popcorn breaks, then you might want to consider the good opinion of 1,263,192 other people – that’s the number of likes the show has on its Facebook Page as of this writing. It’s also doing rather well on the Twitter front with 234k followers.

It’s quite impressive how The Good Wife incites reactions from its fans on social media. On Twitter alone, if you follow the hashtag #TheGoodWife, you’ll see some tweets that will compel you to have a look-see.

Assuming you’ve decided to cave at this point, you’ll have to start from the first season, of course. There are many ways to do that, but if you want to stay on your couch and simply make good use of your Internet connection, visit Television Fanatic, where you can find all sorts of TV shows, with topics ranging from good wives to bad zombies. Given all that I’ve shared with you, I have no doubt that The Good Wife will make you happy. Just make sure you don’t miss work because of it!