The Good Wife Season 5

The Good Wife

Season 6 of The Good Wife is in full swing, and like seasons 1 through 5, it delivers all of the juicy drama we’ve come to expect from this smash politician-drama-slash-soap-opera.  Get a full recap of some of the most tantalizing bits of Good Wife gossip below, and catch up on all previous seasons on Television Fanatic.

The Good Wife Season 5

Drama Caliber: 5

Alicia jumps ship and heads to the new firm. Her husband is elected governor, but faces rigorous investigation because of ballot falsification that he’s certainly guilty of. In a shocking twist, Alicia’s boss is shot and killed, which prompts Alicia to separate from her husband, but she agrees to keep the relationship as a façade to help preserve their respective public images.

 The Good Wife Season 6: Preview

Season 6 has been a juice one so far, including shocking arrests, a new political path for Alicia, and a witness murder. Now is your chance: get up-to-date and whet your appetite for the gossip, drama, and intrigue that’s sure to come with the close of season 6 by watching free full episodes on Television Fanatic.