The Good Wife Season 3

The Good Wife

Season 6 of The Good Wife is in full swing, and like seasons 1 through 5, it delivers all of the juicy drama we’ve come to expect from this smash politician-drama-slash-soap-opera.  Get a full recap of some of the most tantalizing bits of Good Wife gossip below, and catch up on all previous seasons on Television Fanatic.

The Good Wife Season 3

Drama Caliber: 3

Alicia throws herself into the affair with a devil-may-care attitude. And there are perks, like her new executive office that’s way out of her league. The recession has majorly damaged the law firm and its competitors, who are now aggressively attempting to muscle in on the firm’s territory.

The affair between Alicia and her boss can’t stay secret forever…so Alicia decides to cut her losses, give up the affair, and concentrate on raising her kids.