The Good Wife Season 2

The Good Wife

Season 6 of The Good Wife is in full swing, and like seasons 1 through 5, it delivers all of the juicy drama we’ve come to expect from this smash politician-drama-slash-soap-opera.  Get a full recap of some of the most tantalizing bits of Good Wife gossip below, and catch up on all previous seasons on Television Fanatic.

The Good Wife Season 2

Drama Caliber: 4

Alicia can’t seem to get her boss-slash-ex out of her mind. Alicia and her boss hide their feelings from one another, muddling through awkward encounters as two new employees join the mix: a partner and an investigator. Alicia’s friend, Kalinda, is asked to dig up some gossip on the two new hires, tired of blatant favoritism towards the new partner.

Kalinda uncovers evidence of a relationship between the partners that far predates their work history. Meanwhile, the newly-hired investigator learns that Kalinda slept with Alicia’s politician husband. Alicia, pushed to the brink by this revelation, decides to move forward with her feelings for her boss full force.