The Flash

The Flash

Based on the DC comic book character of the same name, The Flash centers on Barry Allen, a relatively normal guy with a tragic past who develops superpowers after a freak accident. Check out our look at the show, then watch The Flash online.

Barry Allen led a relatively normal childhood, until his mother was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

The Story

Though Barry witnessed his mother surrounded in something of a lightning storm, no one believed his story, and the evidence mounted against his father. When his father was convicted of the crime, though Barry firmly believed him innocent, the young boy was raised by his father’s former police partner. Barry grew up with a firm sense of right and wrong and a good head on his shoulders, going into forensic investigation and continuing to investigate his mother’s murder in his spare time.

After a freak accident that involves a malfunctioning particle accelerator and a lightning strike, Barry spends nine months in a coma and wakes with the ability to move faster than anything else on the planet and an accelerated ability to heal himself, though the new found gifts do take quite a toll on him. With the help of a trio of scientists, he begins a journey to understand his abilities and become the hero he might have always been.


The Characters

Barry Allen – Barry has above average intelligence and a firm moral compass that lead him to a career in finding and stopping the bad guys. He’s also harboring a crush on his childhood best friend. With his near inability to keep secrets, Allen hates that he can’t tell her about his super powers.

Iris West – Barry’s childhood best friend, Iris is the one person in his life he felt closest to before his accident, and the one person he doesn’t want to put in danger as a result of his abilities. She’s working to become a serious journalist, and she’s got a big interest in the city’s new hero.

Detective Joe West – The former partner of Barry’s father. Though he raised Barry, he never believed the young man’s story about the mysterious circumstances of his mother’s murder. After discovering Barry’s abilities, he joins the fledgling super hero and his team in the investigation of a murder that others believed to be already solved.

Caitlin Snow – a biochemist with STAR labs, she is one of the doctors that monitored Barry while he was in his coma. After he wakes, she becomes the person who monitors his health and helps him understand his limitations. She lost her fiance in the accident with the particle accelerator the same night Barry was struck by lightning.

Cisco Ramon – an engineer with STAR labs, he has been by Caitlin’s side monitoring Barry and helping him fight crime. Cisco is also responsible for creating the technically advanced suit that Barry wears while running and the one weapon that can slow him down.

Harrison Wells – a scientist and owner of STAR labs, he suspects that the malfunction of his particle accelerator may have caused the sudden rise of meta-humans. He was supposedly paralyzed by the incident as well, but he is revealed to have more mobility than the other characters are aware of. He also has plans for Barry Allen, having had his eye on the young man long before his powers manifested themselves.

Eddie Thawne – Detective West’s partner, he’s a little cocky, keeping track of the number of his arrests. He also happens to be dating Iris when Barry awakes from his coma, throwing a wrench into Barry’s plans to tell Iris how he feels.

The Flash and The Arrow:

Because The Flash was conceived as a spin-off series from the flagship Arrow, there is a bit of crossover between the two. Barry Allen was introduced to audiences in an episode of Arrow (Arrow, episode 2×08) when he visited Starling City at the invitation of Felicity Smoak to help with one of Team Arrow’s cases. The two forged a friendship built on their need to help others and their intelligence at finding unorthodox ways of doing so. As a result of his help, Barry is one of the few characters to learn the identity of the Arrow and his team.

As the series premiered (The Flash, episode 1×01) and Barry Allen developed his own set of superpowers, he returned to Starling City to get advice from Oliver Queen about what it takes to be a hero. Oliver Queen, who has taken it upon himself to right wrongs in his own city, believes that Barry always had what it takes to be a hero (Arrow, episode 3×01).

When Felicity Smoak discovers that Barry is awake and that he’s developed his speedy ability, she takes leave from Starling City to pop by for a visit (The Flash episode 1×04). It’s the first time any of the other characters on The Flash get to meet her, and there is a running theme that she and Barry are perfect for one another as her visit continues. Unfortunately for Barry’s friend Iris, who keeps trying to push the two of them together, Felicity and Barry both acknowledge that despite how good they are for one another on paper, they have feelings for other people.

As the series continues, and because it exists in the same television universe as Arrow, expect to see plenty more crossover events and shared storylines between The Flash and The Arrow.