The Cleveland Show Season 4

The Cleveland Show

Cleveland Brown, along with his only son Junior, left their animated home in Quahog behind to relocate to California. A quick stop in Cleveland’s old hometown of Stoolbend reunited him with an old friend named Donna Tubbs. Plans changed as the two immediately fell in love and joined their two families in one dysfunctional home. Each episode of The Cleveland Show is a new adventure in the lives of the Browns and their friends, including a lovable family of bears.

A Quirky Cast

Fans have known Cleveland for years, but the real surprise is the hilariously plump Cleveland Brown, Jr. Somewhere between Quahog and Stoolbend, he developed an endearing personality as he lacks the basic social skills that most teenagers have. His overweight physique makes him the target of jokes as he struggles with being somewhat sensitive and often cowardly. His stepmother, Donna, has two children of her own that she is raising on her own following the divorce from their father, Robert. Her teenage daughter, Roberta, is the belly-baring popular girl in high school. She is the opposite personality of her stepbrother, but quickly changes her attitude to guide him. Rallo is the youngest kid in the family and arguably the biggest star. Much like Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin, he is wise beyond his years in many ways. His mischief and humor are an absolute necessity to the family dynamic that make the Browns worth watching.