The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries

Loosely inspired by the young adult novel series of the same name and conceived as a prequel to Sex and the City, this series follows the life of Carrie Bradshaw before she became friends with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Get your Carrie fix and watch The Carrie Diaries online.

Carrie Bradshaw is a suburban girl with an eye for fashion and an adventurous spirit who knows she’s destined for bigger things. She’s obsessed with New York, but her overprotective father and annoying sister might just keep her from getting there. During her junior year of high school, Carrie scores an internship at a law firm only to find she’s bored out of her mind. When she’s given the opportunity to work for Interview Magazine instead, she jumps at the chance, though it means having to lead something of a double life.

The Story

As Carrie comes to the end of her time in high school, she accepts a job offer from her mentor at Interview Magazine instead of attending college, even opting to remain in New York after losing that job instead of traveling to California with her first love. She jump-starts her life as the Carrie Bradshaw the world would come to know in Sex and the City.


Characters of The Carrie Diaries

Carrie Bradshaw – Portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb, Carrie is still reeling from the death of her mother from cancer prior to the start of the series. She spends her time trying to be an authority figure for her rebellious younger sister while still being a normal teenager of the 1980s with her best friends. Writing in her diary every night, Carrie, after disliking an internship at a law firm meant to get her thinking about her future, decides she might want to be a writer instead.

Jill “Mouse” Chen – Portrayed by Ellen Wong, Mouse is one of Carrie’s very best friends. She is a consummate overachiever with a lot of pressure to be successful placed on her by her parents. Usually very buttoned up and conservative, Mouse actually has sex and experiments with drugs before Carrie does, letting loose every once in a while before getting herself back on track and bound for Harvard after high school graduation.

Maggie Landers – Portrayed by Katie Findlay, Maggie is one of Carrie’s inner circle, though the two often do not see eye to eye. Maggie projects an air of confidence and often masks her insecurities behind sarcasm and jokes. Dealing with the neglect of her parents and the uncertainties about her future, she often makes questionable romantic and sexual decisions. Maggie begins the series dating another friend Walt, but the two do not work out.

Walt Reynolds – Portrayed by Brendan Dooling, Walt is one of Carrie’s closest friends and starts the series as Maggie’s boyfriend, but he is also very confused about his own sexuality. His story plays as a coming-out story as he discovers how he feels, but his fear of how people will see him often keeps him from being truthful. When he begins dating another boy and his parents find out, he is forced to move out of their home temporarily.

Donna LaDonna – Portrayed by Chloe Bridges, Donna is the most popular girl in school. While she and Carrie begin the series as rivals, Donna isn’t as much of a mean girl as she pretends to be. Donna nurses a crush on Walt and is one of the first people to discover that he’s attracted to boys. She keeps his secret by allowing the entire student body to believe the two have had sex. She and Carrie also begin a tentative friendship.

Dorrit Bradshaw – Portrayed by Stefania LaVie Owen, Dorrit is Carrie’s little sister. Dorrit resents Carrie a bit at the start of the series, upset that Carrie gets to keep some of her mother’s things, never seems to get in trouble and is frequently put in charge. She rebels by layering on her makeup, playing her music loud, sneaking out and dating an older boy.

Sebastian Kydd – Portrayed by Austin Butler, Sebastian is the new kid at school when the series begins and the object of both Donna and Carrie’s affection. He is Carrie’s first love and the two date on and off. A bit of a bad boy, Sebastian was kicked out of his previous school for sleeping with a teacher, and after a fight with Carrie, he kisses one of her best friends. Coming from a wealthy family, Sebastian is expected to work in the family business after graduating.

Larissa Loughlin – Portrayed by Freema Agyeman, Larissa works for Interview Magazine as the series opens. She serves as an inspiration and mentor for Carrie, first offering Carrie an internship after a chance meeting and later a job. Larissa is a huge party girl and something of a free spirit, but she always seems to pull her jobs together just in time.

Samantha Jones – Portrayed by Lindsey Gort, Samantha is Donna’s older cousin. The character is introduced in season two as someone in the Manhattan music scene. She and Carrie wind up becoming roommates after several misadventures. Fans will recognize the character as a member of Carrie’s group of friends in the future stories of Sex and the City.

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