The Biggest Loser Season 1

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is in its 16th season and airs on NBC. It is a reality show where contestants compete for a cash prize based on the percentage of weight lost over the course of the season. It is hosted by Allison Sweeney, and contestants work out with certified personal trainers to achieve their weight loss goals. The diet and weight loss program is supervised by a medical team and customized for each contestant.

In addition to working out and eating healthful meals, the contestants learn how to shop for the right ingredients to make healthful meals at home. They learn how to cook some of the dishes served on the show and how to make smart choices on the go. The goal of the program is not only for the contestants to lose weight but also for them to keep it off and to improve their overall health. If you miss the airdate, you can also watch The Biggest Loser online.