Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Despite sharing a title with the 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox, the Teen Wolf series is a campy yet at times dark thriller set in its own world. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is a kind, unpopular and asthmatic teen who gets bitten by a werewolf when searching for a body in the woods at the behest of his best friend Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), who is the dorky, sarcastic son of the town sheriff. Scott suddenly transforms into an athletic, handsome hero in the making who is good at lacrosse and catching the eye of many ladies. Scott only has eyes for a new student named Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), but her family may know more about werewolves than the young werewolf himself.

The Bite

The first season of Teen Wolf finds Scott becoming the captain of the lacrosse team and dealing with his new status boost while learning to become a werewolf and trying not to fall prey to the influence of the unknown werewolf who bit him. Scott and Stiles must figure out how to keep Scott from “wolfing out” and hurting anyone and have little help other than the mysterious Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin.) Derek came back into town after the body in the woods was revealed to be his sister, and the boys don’t know if they can trust the born wolf’s advice because they believe he might be the bloodthirsty monster who bit Scott and started killing townspeople.


Kanima Problems

While Scott has few allies in the first season, his genuine feelings for Allison anchor him to his humanity and keep his werewolf side from taking over. Allison returns Scott’s feelings though her family has a long history of hunting werewolves, and they intend for her to continue the family business. After becoming aware of werewolves and her family history, Allison continues seeing Scott in secret during season two while she helps Stiles and Scott track down a new predator who can paralyze its victims.

After killing the alpha werewolf who bit Scott, Derek becomes the next alpha and attempts to build a new pack. His family was his original pack, but Derek is the only Hale left after hunters burned his family alive, his uncle went crazy and his sister was killed. Derek’s new pack of scared teenagers must try to stay together while battling against Scott’s makeshift pack and the new foe who is part shape shifter, part reptile. This beast called a kanima seems unstoppable, but Scott and Derek may be able to work together to figure out who is controlling the abomination.

Teen Wolf’s Extra Large Season

Popular and pretty Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) is the key to saving the kanima because her shallow exterior is hiding an incredible intellect and a deep love for the man beneath the beast. Though Lydia can solve complex math equations and make deadly chemical weapons to protect her friends, she has trouble figuring out what she really is in season three. The first two seasons of the show each cover a 12 episode mystery, but anyone who wants to watch Teen Wolf online can view the 24 episode third season without having to endure a hiatus between the first 12 episode arc and the second.

In addition to Lydia’s mysterious powers that act up when danger is nearby, a pack made entirely of deadly alphas comes to stalk Scott and Derek in Beacon Hills. The alphas may want Derek to destroy his pack and join them, but they also have sinister plans for Scott even though he is only a regular beta wolf. A dark force also invades the town and begins making ritual sacrifices, but these new evil presences may be connected.

Scott, Stiles and Allison are now a powerful trio who have battled monsters while still making time to enjoy homecoming, but they may be out of their depth this time and are especially vulnerable when each of them has a parent taken as the final sacrifice. They must resort to using a powerful magic tree hidden in Beacon Hills called the Nemeton to save their parents, but using this resource will draw more supernatural creatures to their town and inflict a darkness on the three teen’s hearts.

Dark Stiles

In the second half of season three, Scott, Allison and Stiles must struggle to remain sane and not give in to the new darkness in their hearts. However, Stiles is fighting a losing battle because a powerful dark force is able to enter his body, and this spirit feeds on the pain and chaos of others. A new supernatural family moves to town, and while the matriarch has some information concerning the nogitsune that has taken over Stiles’s body, Scott and Stiles’s father (Linden Ashby) must figure out how to trick a trickster spirit if they want Stiles back.

Stiles started as a sidekick, but his quick wit and O’Brien’s compelling portrayal of the lovable goofball made Stiles a fan favorite. The final 12 episodes of season three are some of the show’s highest rated episodes because the focus is on rescuing Stiles and learning more about the dark creature who possessed him. Stiles is also one part of the show’s most popular romantic pairing, and grumpy werewolf Derek Hale is the other part of the “opposites attract” couple.

Big Changes

The end of the third season sees the exit of Allison and many other characters, but new humans and supernatural beings arrive in Beacon Hills. Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) is a bright addition to the second half of the third season as she plays a light kitsune that can fight expertly and control electricity. Hunters, banshees, a werecoyote and berserkers enter the fourth season as every magical being in town is in jeopardy. Scott must figure out who is offering money in exchange for the death of supernatural creatures while training a new wolf that he was forced to bite.

Those who watch Teen Wolf online will encounter new mysteries, characters and twists every season.