Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night is a situation comedy based on the character Kimberley “Kimmie” Boubier, played by Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson, and her two roommates and best friends. For the past 13 years, the group has spent Friday nights together doing what they call their Friday Night Fun Night. However, they realize that they must do something different to be better. Together, Kimmie, Marika (Lauren Ash) and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) learn to break out of their routine, experiment with romance and expand their horizons.

Introducing Rebel Wilson on the Small Screen

Most episodes begin with Kimmie speaking into her computer as she records a video blog about her life. People who watch Super Fun Night online will get a real feel for the video-blogging atmosphere. As a woman who is both larger and not traditionally considered cool, Kimmie has had issues meeting and dating men, both in her career as a lawyer and existing in a big city that likes to spit out young women who are as awkward, kind and sometimes as naive as Kimmie can be. However, as Kimmie learns the ropes at work and in her social life, we also see that Kendall isn’t necessarily the ice queen she portrays herself to be.


Kimmie’s two best friends, Helen-Alice and Marika, are as awkward and nerdy as Kimmie, which makes for plenty of laughs. None of the actresses are afraid of physical comedy, and this is especially true of Rebel Wilson. The three of them do nearly everything together, which leads to some hurt feelings when the three young women start focusing on romance. At first, the women post online dating profiles, which Kimmie winds up exaggerating to boost interest. The trio also meets three young men who live in their apartment complex and share some of the same interests. The pairings at first seems like they could be perfect, and Benji, Ruby and Dan go on a date with the girls. However, only Helen-Alice and Benji develop a romance.

Budding romance causes jealousy among the friends who are used to always being the Three Musketeers. It’s specifically Kimmie’s interest in Richard, a good-looking attorney played by Kevin Bishop with whom she works, that begins to take up her time and thoughts. However, Kimmie isn’t the only person who has her eye on Richard. A cold and attractive coworker named Kendall (Kate Jenkinson) has set her sights on the likable man who seems to have plenty in common with Kimmie despite her awkward dorkiness. However, stunning Kendall doesn’t understand what anyone might see in the portly lawyer who has become her nemesis.

While Richard and Kimmie seem to have the potential for a relationship, they are only friends on the surface. At the request of Kendall, Richard sets up Kimmie with a longtime friend James. While Kimmie is not immediately attracted to James, who is also overweight and socially awkward, he immediately falls for her genuine charms. Eventually, the two develop a relationship, but it is not sustainable as James comes to suspect that there is more going on between Kimmie and Richard than either lawyer is willing to admit.

The series introduces us to geek culture in a lovable way. We see the three young women obsess over actress Allison, who plays a fantasy character like Xena. However, upon meeting their idol, the women realize that not everything on the TV screen is as it appears. Kimmie’s two best friends also have their own romantic encounters. Helen-Alice continues to date Benji from down the hall, and Marika explores her sexual orientation. The pair also decided to update their appearances to be more hip and better blend in with their big-city peers in one episode.

Throughout the series, we meet other people including Kimmie’s sister. Jazmine, who is played by Ashley Tisdale, is engaged and planning a wedding with her fiance. This brings the two sisters’ mother into the picture. Their mother is played by Jacki Weaver, and she quickly takes over planning the engagement party, and the sisters fall back into the roles they had at home.

Rebel Wilson Sings Her Heart Out in Super Fun Night

One of the running themes of the show is Kimmie’s musical ability. Rebel Wilson made her fame singing in the movie “Pitch Perfect,” and those talents translate well onto the small screen. The young lawyer loves to sing although she doesn’t always do it well. Several large numbers with the cast appear throughout the sitcom, and Kimmie also directly competes in a sing-off with Kendall Quinn. The dance numbers incorporate pop music and fantastic costumes that make the show visually appealing.

Reception of Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night was well-received by geeks of all ages and especially young women who didn’t fit the typical graceful and beautiful archetype that is so commonly found in Hollywood. Although some people criticize the show for being heavy-handed with jokes about Kimmie’s weight, the ability to joke about it herself and put herself in new situations is one of the character’s strong points. One might also make the same argument for Rebel Wilson herself.

The young actress created, starred and co-produced the show, which some heralded as a “glimmer of hope” in Hollywood. Unfortunately, ABC has since canceled the show, but viewers can watch Super Fun Night online.

Super Fun Night was the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best New TV Comedy in 2014, and the show received additional nominations for a second People’s Choice Award and a Award.

Themes such as sex and relationships make this show best for adults who aren’t afraid to laugh at dorkiness, the use of puns and the overall awkwardness that Kimmie and her crew frequently display. The show points out problems with the patriarchy, pokes fun at pop culture and teaches people to be comfortable in their skin and bodies no matter what.