Get caught up in white-collar drama when you watch Suits online. A chance meeting brings together Harvard dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and high-stakes corporate attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Mike may have dropped out of Harvard, but he’s been using his eidetic memory to take the LSAT exam for other aspiring lawyers. Desperate for cash to keep his grandmother in a private nursing home, Mike agrees to make a marijuana delivery for his friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski). Harvey discerns that the delivery is a sting operation but is nonetheless impressed with Mike. He offers Mike a job at his firm, Pearson Hardman. All Mike has to do is pretend to be a Harvard graduate.

At first, only Harvey’s secretary Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) knows Mike’s secret, though Harvey’s jealous rival Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) quickly becomes suspicious. Mike becomes fast friends with paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and starts dating Trevor’s ex-girlfriend when Trevor leaves town. Trevor returns and, in a jealous rage, blows Mike’s cover to Pearson Hardman’s managing partner, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).



Season 2

Jessica allows Mike to continue working at the firm, but Harvey and Jessica are on edge when the firm’s co-founder, Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), returns. Harvey is accused of hiding evidence in a lawsuit. Knowing Harvey is facing disbarment, Donna finds and destroys a document she believes implicates Harvey. Jessica is forced to fire her.

Jessica argues with Hardman over the fate of Harvey and their case. Hardman leverages the situation to challenge and win Jessica’s position as managing partner, manipulating Louis to help him. A desperate Mike and Harvey discover that Hardman forged the document implicating Harvey. Hardman loses Louis’ support and is voted back out of the firm. Jessica triumphantly reclaims her position, and Donna returns as Harvey’s secretary.

The firm finds itself sued for discrimination by Rachel’s father, prominent trial attorney Robert Zane. At the helm of the lawsuit is a vengeful Hardman. Despite Harvey’s objections, Jessica agrees to a merger with a lucrative U.K. law firm headed by Edward Darby (Conleth Hill) to save themselves. Harvey’s former lover and rival Scottie (Abigail Spencer) happens to work for Darby, and their relationship is briefly rekindled.

Meanwhile, Mike’s grandmother dies, and he turns to a now-married ex-girlfriend for comfort. He alienates Harvey and drives a spike between himself and Rachel. When Mike’s relationship fails and Rachel’s application to Harvard is denied, Mike tells her his secret. She slaps him, but they end up sleeping together.

Season 3

Harvey makes a bid to be named partner during the merger of Pearson and Darby International. When Jessica refuses, a furious Harvey conspires with Darby to force Jessica out. Mike mends his friendship with Harvey and stumbles through the start of his relationship with Rachel. Louis struggles to redeem himself.

Harvey’s client Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley), an oil tycoon, is arrested for murder. Darby brings his “fixer” Stephen Huntley in under the guise of helping Harvey, but Huntley’s true purpose is to help take down Jessica. Harvey discovers that Jessica intends to name him partner, and his already strained partnership with Darby breaks when it’s revealed that Huntley is responsible for the murders Ava faces conviction for. Darby agrees to testify on Ava’s behalf. The merger is dissolved, Harvey is named partner.

Jessica uncovers Mike and Rachel’s relationship and, in order to protect the firm, forces Rachel to sign an affidavit saying she was aware of Mike’s deceit. A war-wisened Rachel only agrees on the terms that Jessica waves the firm’s “Harvard graduates only” rule. After Louis nearly discovers his secret, Mike realizes he can never be more than Harvey’s associate. He considers leaving the firm and is forced into a decision when he’s arrested for witness tampering in the Ava Hessington case. Despite Harvey and Louis’ desperate attempts to free him, Mike decides to leave the firm to protect it. He switches to an investment banking firm and Pearson Specter client instead.

Season 4

Mike’s job with investment banker Jonathan Sidwell becomes uncomfortable when Mike makes a takeover bid for Gillis Industries. The bid puts him at odds with Pearson Specter’s client Logan Sanders. Sanders happens to be Rachel’s ex-boyfriend. Rachel tries to avoid Sanders, but when old feelings resurface, the two share a kiss. Mike’s former position at Pearson Specter draws the attention of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which suspects that Mike and Harvey are conspiring together. Mike briefly leaves Rachel when he finds out about her and Logan. You can catch up on the details of their break-up and make-up when you watch Suits online.

Mike’s actions threaten to destroy Gillis Industries, and he approaches investor Charles Forstman in an attempt to save it. Forstman, aware of Louis’ devotion to Pearson Specter, extorts Louis into embezzling money as leverage against the firm. He then claims it was Mike who embezzled, getting Mike fired while Louis’ crime remains a secret. Mike turns to Forstman for a job. A horrified Louis uses a favor he earned with Jessica to get Mike reinstated at Pearson Specter.

The SEC investigation into Forstman and Sanders threatens to uncover Louis’ secret, and Louis resigns to protect the firm. Unfortunately, the non-compete clause in his employment contract forbids him from taking his clients with him. Mike tries to get Louis a job with Rachel’s father. Zane will only agree to it if Louis breaks his contract and brings Zane a client. With the help of his former assistant, Louis successfully poaches a client from Harvey.

In the Suits season finale, Mike turns to the owner of Gillis Industries to get the poached client back. Mike visits Louis to lift his spirits but, over the course of their conversation, fails to recognize a key aspect of Harvard graduate culture. Louis realizes that Mike is a fraud and storms back to Pearson Specter. He demands that Jessica name him partner, making the firm “Pearson Specter Litt,” unless she wants Mike’s secret to be revealed.