Sons of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a critically acclaimed series that focuses on the illicit and usually illegal actions of a motorcycle gang in the fictional city of Charming, California. The series began back in 2008, and it entered its seventh and final season in 2014. During the shows third season in 2010, it surpassed other FX series The Shield, Rescue Me, and Nip/Tuck as the most popular show on the channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Sons of Anarchy online and you’ll be in for a treat with each episode.


Welcome to Charming

The first season of Sons of Anarchy begins by introducing many of the main characters that will play an influential role in the show. The first character that we meet is Jax, who we find to be the son of the original founder of The Sons motorcycle gang. Throughout the first few seasons, Jax struggles to find out the intentions of his father, Jonathon, and the direction that he has for the gang. However, it is quite some time before he figures things out.

Also in the first episode, we meet Tara Knowles. Knowles has returned to Charming to work as a doctor, and we come to find out that she and Jax were once in a relationship together. However, the two cannot get back together as Jax is in a relationship with Wendy, a recovering meth-addict who is pregnant with Jax’s first son.

Also in the first episode, we meet a host of other characters. Gemma Teller is Jax’s mom and the wife of Clay. Clay is the current president of the Sons Motorcycle Club (MC). He was given that position after Jonathon Teller died. Tig, Chibs, Half Sack, Juice and Opie are all other members of the MC that we’ll become familiar with in the series.

The rest of season 1 revolves around the battle between the Sons and a rival gang, the One-Niners. You can watch Sons of Anarchy online to find out what happens.

Things Are No Longer Sunny for the Sons of Anarchy

In season 2, Jax starts to question the things that he sees. Despite a relatively peaceful relationship in season 1, Jax now starts to question the motives of Clay, the MC’s President. This feud also puts stress on his relationship with his mother. The main rival gang that the Sons battle with in this season is the League of American Nationalists. This group is led by businessman Ethan Zobelle, who is in charge and has plenty of financial backing. During the season, the relationship between Tara and Jax begins to strengthen. After Wendy goes away to rehab after having Jax’s son, Tara takes over the role of surrogate mother. However, as the season ends, their son Able is taken away by a member of the League of American Nationalists.

Heading to Belfast

In season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, the MC finds themselves in legal trouble after being caught by the police. After jumping bail, they decide to go to Belfast to get Able from those who took him. At this point, they also employ the help of a Russian gang. At this point, the police arrive again to take hold of the Sons.

Hot Under RICO

In season 4, the Sons MC are continually under pressure from a RICO case that would put anyone who associated with them in legal trouble. As they move forward and the Charming deputies try to build a case, they go after nearly everyone they can in hopes of getting someone to flip on the Sons. Also in the episode, Wendy returns from rehab and causes problems for Jax, Tara and their new family. As Gemma tries to keep Wendy out of the picture, she causes plenty of problems for the entire MC. The season ends with Jax sitting at the head of the table.

The Clash Between Leaders

You can watch Sons of Anarchy online. The fifth season follows up on many of the events that took place in season 5. We soon find out that Tig had accidently killed the daughter of one of the most notorious drug dealers and businessmen in all of Charming, Damon Pope. In this season, Gemma decides to finally break away from Clay, and she starts dating a new man, Nero Padilla. Padilla gets involved with the MC by starting a pornography business. Later on in the season, the differences between Jax and Clay finally come to a head. Clay is dead and Jax is now the leader of the sons.

Season of Sin

Season 6 is one of the most exciting as many plot lines start to converge. Jax takes over as the leader of the MC, but things get troublesome in his personal life when Tara tries to take their sons away. For the entire season, Tara is trying to do what she can to protect the boys. Jax is confused. In the end, Gemma fears that Tara is going to snitch, so the season concludes with the mother killing Jax’s longtime girlfriend.

For season 7, watch Sons of Anarchy online to see what else happens. As it’ll be the last season of the series, you can bet it’s going to be one of the most exciting and drama filled yet.