Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under

Customary to Six Feet Under’s opening of a death, the series begins with the death of Nathaniel Fisher Sr. while driving his new hearse home to the family business, Fisher and Son’s. Nathaniel’s sons, David and Nate, find themselves co-owners of their father’s funeral home following the reading of his will. Claire experiences the regret and humiliation associated with promiscuity and an untrustworthy boyfriend, Gabe. Nate finds his father’s payment practices for funerals went beyond monetary payments, and the funeral home’s reconstructive artist, Rico, begins to set out on his own with notorious chain-style funeral service, Kroehner.

Six Feet Under: Death Is Only the Beginning

Throughout the series, ghostly images of Nathaniel Fisher pop into scenes to offer advice and encouragement to the surviving family members. Nate begins a relationship with the woman he met during his trip to visit his parents for Christmas, Brenda. David begins to come to terms with his sexuality and breaks off his relationship with Keith for a short time. Unfortunately, David’s denial continues when he is arrested for involvement with a male prostitute.

Watch Six Feet Under online to see how Nate, David and Claire will face the challenges in their romantic and platonic relationships as they come to terms with the loss of their father, and in some ways, their innocence.


The Anniversary of Nathaniel’s Death Arrives in Season 2

The second season of Six Feet Under begins with the death of an actress, who happens to be Rico’s sister-in-law. Nate begins experiencing troubles in keeping his arteriovenous malformation (AVM) secret from his family, and Claire discovers the truth on a trip with Nate to Seattle. The Fisher’s think they’ve eluded the Kroehner brand, but the purchase of a casket wall makes them a primary retailer of Kroehner caskets.

Ruth’s drug-addicted sister, Sarah, arrives demanding attention and causing Ruth undue despair and pain. Meanwhile, Nate discovers he’s going to be the proud parent of a baby girl with Lisa, who is a college classmate from Seattle. Just as things begin to settle down, Nate has an operation to deal with his AVM. Claire makes the decision to have an abortion but remains indecisive until the procedure begins. Will Nate’s surgery be a success, or will another untimely death hinder the Fisher family?

Peaceful Bliss for a Time

Set one year after Nate’s operation, Season 3 finds a fully recovered Nate enjoying time spent with his daughter, Maya. He has married Lisa, and Rico owns a stake in the Fisher funeral home.

David and Keith continue their tumultuous affair with the help of counseling. Ruth finally finds something to live for: Maya. Claire enjoys spending time at college and finds herself questioning the actions of her new boyfriend, Phil.

The Fisher family questions their own morals when a man, who had several wives and many children, passes away. Claire and Russell are thrilled to have their works displayed at a prominent art show. When business seems to be going slow, Fisher and Diaz funeral home suddenly holds services for three people who died in unrelated circumstances. Halfway through the season, a young teen experiences the death of his parents and sister in a tragic car accident and speaks during the eulogy.

The theme of infidelity on Six Feet Under continues when Lisa carries on her affair with her brother-in-law, Hoyt. When Lisa decides to visit her sister, she appears to vanish into thin air. However, the police fail to find any evidence of foul play in Lisa’s car, but Nate focuses on the presence of a Dr. Pepper can in the cup-holder. Did something happen to her? Was it murder, or did she simply want to leave her old life behind?

Nate’s paranoia over Lisa’s disappearance begins to haunt him when he and David provide a funeral for a serial killer. Lisa’s disappearance turns dark when her remains wash ashore, and an ex-lover may be to blame. Since talking with apparitions of the deceased is a running theme in Six Feet Under, Claire finds herself visiting with her unborn son and Lisa.

Relationship Problems in Season 4

Ruth and George separate following George’s continued outbursts of anger over his mother, who committed suicide when he was a child. Unfortunately, George’s worries about the end of the world come to a halt when he discovers a bomb shelter. Ruth makes the decision to reconnect with George, but the two never have the bond they shared at the beginning of their relationship.

Nate discovers difficulty in planning Lisa’s funeral. She wanted to have a natural, non-chemical funeral, but her family wants her cremated. Nate tricks her parents with the cremains of an old, unclaimed person.

Rico’s wife, Vanessa, learns of his affair with Sophia, who received breast implants that were paid for by Rico. She confronts Rico and kicks him out of the house. Will the Fishers be willing to take him in, or will Sophia come to his rescue?

All Things Come to an End

Claire begins crushing on a lawyer at her new job, Ted, and she soon falls in love with him. However, her continued changing emotions lead to a break-up. Fortunately, she repairs the relationship, and Ted encourages her to follow her dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

Keith and David begin thinking about having a child with a surrogate, and Keith suggests Claire be their choice. However, David has a terrible nightmare about the baby. He and Keith later find themselves enthralled with two foster children.

George’s daughter, Maggie, convinces Nate, who is still married to Brenda, to attend a Quaker service with her, and the two become much more than friends. After their affair, Nate experiences severe numbness in one side of his body; he has had a massive stroke. The doctors rush to save his life with surgery, and everything appears to be going well. Sadly, Nate dies the next day in the hospital with his father watching from the doorway.

Claire, David, Ruth, and Brenda struggle to deal with Nate’s unexpected death. David begins to have hallucinations of the foster children’s death, and Keith steps in to comfort him. David visits with his ghostly father about his fears and realizes Keith will be there to help him. Keith and David buy out Rico’s stake in the business as Claire and Ted end their relationship as friends.

Ruth gives Claire control over her trust, and Claire drives off into her unknown future. While she is driving, the future flashes by, and you find out how her mother, Keith and David pass away. Having reached an old age, a white-haired Claire rests in her bed gazing up at the pictures of her family, her life and her love, Ted, as she slips away.