Sex and the City

Sex And The City

Produced and presented by HBO, Sex and the City has become an iconic televised romantic comedy following the trials, travails, tribulations and triumphs of Manhattan 30-something Carrie Bradshaw and her closest friends. Over the course of 94 individual episodes, broadcast over a six-year run, Sex and the City remains one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful television programs created by a cable television network.

A highly regarded television program, a fan or someone yet to be exposed to the show can now watch Sex and the City online. Not only is this welcome news for long-term fans, but being able to watch Sex and the City online opens the show up to a whole other generation of potential fans.

Sex and the City: Groundbreaking Television

Sex and the City is based on novel of the same name, penned by Candace Bushnell. In addition to the character of Carrie Bradshaw, the show focuses on the lives of three other women: Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes.

Carrie is a weekly columnist for a fictional Manhattan newspaper called the New York Star. The show gleans its name from that of the column, Sex and the City. The plot line for each episode is drawn from the newspaper column Bradshaw happens to be preparing at a particular point in time.


More often than not, the primary story thread in any given episode focuses on Carrie Bradshaw. In some cases, an episode of Sex and the City might be said to have a more adult Seinfeld feel. By this it is meant that there are episodes which can be classified as being more about the “nothing particular” of day-to-day life among friends in New York City: work, shopping, dining and socializing. On the other hand, the show garnered high marks from critics for addressing a variety of substantial issues throughout the course of its run.

The newspaper column and the plot of the show focus on friendship, romance, food, clothing and life in the Big Apple. Pathos and humor combine in both an entertaining and yet believable way, which is a primary reason why the show is considered so relatable to women and more than a few men.

The Ladies of Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw, played by veteran actress Sarah Jessica Parker, is the primary focus of the show. Indeed, the show is narrated by Bradshaw. As the narrator, and the newspaper scribe whose column directs the course of the plots, Carrier usually is the focus of an episode. A considerable number of storylines are devoted to her dating and romantic life, which through much of the show’s run is challenging at best.

Samantha Jones, played by another veteran actress in Kim Cattrall, is about 10 years older than the other primary characters. On many levels, she is also the most blatantly sexual, a woman who is truly open about her needs, desires and romantic or sexual objectives.

If there is anything akin to a wide-eye innocent among the women of Sex and the City, it is found in the character of Charlotte York. Charlotte is portrayed by actress Kristin Davis, who really did capture a swath of the public’s attention for he first time on this HBO romantic sitcom.

The fourth character rounding out the primary female characters featured in the show is Miranda Hobbes, a no-nonsense attorney played by Cynthia Nixon. Of all the characters, on the surface Miranda seems least inclined to romantic entanglements, but oftentimes finds herself in the midst of some of the more complicated relations on the show.

Supporting Characters

One the overarching arcs associated with the program is Carrie’s on and off again relationship with the most frequently recurring male character associated with show, a man called Mr. Big. The role of Mr. Big is performed by Chris Noth, an actor perhaps best known for his role associated with the highly regarded crime show franchise, Law and Order.

Another of the key recurring male roles in the show was Carrie’s gay friend, Stanford Blatch played by Willie Garson. He actually came to be Carrie’s closest friend outside of the circle of women and proved to be an important confidant for her throughout a good part of the overall run of the sitcom.

Awards and Critical Acclaim

Since the beginning of Sex and the City’s run, and before people were able to watch Sex and the City online, the show received a significant number of awards and nominations. The show was nominated for more 50 Primetime Emmy Awards, taking home seven over the course of its six years as an HBO original series.

In addition to Emmy’s, the show was nominated for 24 Golden Globe Awards, winning eight. In 2007, Time magazine designated the show as one of the 100 best of all time.

The show consistently received acclaim for strong performances by its four female leads as well as the array of different supporting and recurring cast members that populated the show since its premiere. Sex and the City also garnered applause from critics for taking on tough subjects during its run. These included a variety of issues pertaining to equal rights for women and members of the LGBT community. The program addressed an array of different topics associated with sex and sexuality including pregnancy out of wedlock and sexually transmitted diseases.

Post Television Show Production

When the television show itself wrapped, two feature films were produced. The films did well at the box office. There is at least some discussion of a third feature film being considered, provided the four female leads can be wrangled to reprise their roles yet again.

Beyond feature films, the Internet is permitting people from all walks of life the ability to watch Sex and the City online at their convenience. With this latest access to the series, it is likely to remain in the public conscious and highly popular well into the future.