Sean Saves The World

Sean Saves The World

Sean Saves the World is an unfortunately short-lived sitcom starring Sean Hayes, who is best known as Jack from Will and Grace. Sean’s highly energetic performance is complemented by a wonderfully talented cast, including Megan Hilty, Echo Kellum, Samantha Isler, Thomas Lennon and Linda Lavin.

Sean Saves the World is a slight twist on the classic TV sitcom styling of NBC from the 90s and early 2000s. This series has the charm of popular sitcoms with enough of a twist to make it fresh. Its short time on air is no indication of its quality. Unfortunately, NBC only aired 13 episodes of Sean Saves the World, but you can enjoy them all now. Watch Sean Saves the World online today to see the short but memorable season.

Sean Saves the World


About Sean Saves the World

Sean is a hard-working, gay single father whose daughter has recently moved in with him. While struggling to balance the demands of his new boss, Max, and his daughter, Ellie, Sean also has to deal with his overbearing mother Lorna and his friends Liz and Hunter.

01 – Pilot

Sean plans to celebrate the one-week anniversary of Ellie’s move-in with a special dinner, but his new boss wants everyone at work to stay late. After several attempts to discuss the matter with Max, Sean plans to sneak out of the office. He makes it out in time for dinner but is caught by Max. Ellie understands Sean’s struggle and lets him leave while his mother Lorna watches her. Sean meets Max to tell him why he left but is surprised to find Ellie backing him up, explaining that Sean is all she has.

02 – Busted

Ellie needs to get her first bra, but Sean feels he is ill-equipped to help her. While discussing the matter at work, Max offers Sean a bra he bought for his daughter and says Sean should spend more time working, banning him from the break room. Sean’s best friend Liz jumps at the chance to help, but she convinces Ellie to buy seductive bras that make her uncomfortable. Discovering this, Lorna takes Ellie out to buy bras but ends up making Ellie even more uncomfortable. Sean decides to give one of the bras Liz bought to Max to return the awkward gesture from before and regains his break-room privileges.

03 – Date Expectations

Lorna sets Sean up on a blind date with a periodontist, but Sean wants to spend time with Ellie. When Ellie goes to a party, Sean agrees to the date. Sean spends the entire time worrying about Ellie’s well-being and the date goes horribly. Meanwhile, Max starts to believe that Sean is attracted to him.

04 – Shut Your Parent Trap

Max’s father Lee, played by Stacy Keach, shows up at the office, making life difficult for Sean and his co-workers and revealing where Max’s attitude came from. Sean sets Lee up with Lorna to bring happiness to him, Max and therefore the whole office. Lorna struggles to figure out how to use her new phone but confesses it is all a ruse to spend time with Sean.

05 – Nobody Puts Sean in the Corner

Despite his better judgement, Sean enters a ballroom dancing competition with his mother. He ends up trying to fake an injury to get out of it while Hunter fills in for him. When Lorna and Hunter work well together, Sean and Liz partner with the help of Max to prove Sean’s worth.

06 – Sean Comes Clean

To ease Liz’s relationship woes, Sean pretends to have been recently rejected by his own crush. Lorna pressures Sean to date his dry cleaner, Mr. Lee, played by Bobby Lee, to make Liz happy. Sean lies about it not working out, but Liz soon realizes the truth. Meanwhile, Max brings Hunter along as a wingman.

07 – The Good, the Bad and the Sean

Lorna pushes Sean to teach Ellie discipline rather than simply being a fun and laid-back father. At the same time, Max starts pressuring Hunter and messing with his head. Sean defends his parenting to Lorna.

08 – Of Moles and Men

Max needs Sean to help him figure out who is leaking valuable company info to Sean’s former boss Andrew, played by Craig Ferguson. Lorna and Sean grow weary of Ellie’s new older friend from school. Sean discovers that Max and Andrew share a barber and that is how the information was leaked.

09 – Best Friends for Never

Sean finds a new best friend, Tippy—played by Sarah Baker—who causes problems when she discovers one of Liz’s secrets. Meanwhile, Max calls on Sean and Hunter to correct a major mistake he has made. Liz discovers Sean befriended Tippy out of revenge.

10 – Sean the Fabulous

Sean tries to be more involved at Ellie’s school but with style. Liz and Hunter learn that they are attracted to each other when they have to live together, and Max attempts to distract himself from a recent heartbreak.

11 – Trapped in the Closet: Part II

Max’s father Lee returns to fulfill his love for Lorna, but Max and Sean strive desperately to keep them apart by stealing Lee’s Viagra. Liz is tested when Ellie approaches her for advice about a boy; Sean tries to keep the two kids apart, but they end up on a Sean-approved date.

12 – The Wrath of Sean

Sean is forced to work with Roger (James Patrick Stuart), the man who slept with his ex-wife. Sean and friends sabotage Roger’s engagement to repay him for his horrid behavior. Meanwhile, Lorna tries to prepare herself for a singing performance at her reunion.

13 – I Know Why the Caged Bird Zings

Sean has a date with his ex-boyfriend Colin, played by Humphrey Ker, but Liz and Lorna plan to sabotage the occasion. Max seeks the help of Hunter to take care of his collection of pet birds. Sean’s desperate date is ruined when he brings Colin home to a house full of birds.