Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue is a one-hour police drama set in Toronto, Canada. Created by Morwyn Brebner, Tassie Cameron and Ellen Vanstone, it premiered on Thursday, June 24, 2010. The show airs on Global in Canada and ABC in the United States. Rookie Blue focuses on a dynamic group of rookie police officers who join 15 Division in Toronto after graduating from the police academy. While the rookies adjust to the demands of their new job, they must learn to navigate station politics, their changing expectations of each other and new romantic attachments.


Season 6 of Rookie Blue airs in 2015. Watch Rookie Blue online to catch up on the first five seasons.

The Rookies

Andy McNally

Rookie Blue’s protagonist is Andrea “Andy” McNally (Missy Peregrym). Her father is former beat cop Tommy McNally (Peter Macneil), who raised her on his own after her mother left when she was 12. Tommy’s career heavily influenced Andy, but he left the police force under murky circumstances and now drinks his days away. As a result, Andy is keenly aware of the dark side of the job, and she works hard to remain positive and service-oriented while on her beat. This makes her a very empathetic cop, but it also causes her to be too naive and trusting at times. She tends to over-analyze situations when she should just trust her gut.

Andy has a strong attraction to her training officer and undercover cop, Sam Swarek (Ben Bass), but circumstances always seem to drive them apart. During the show’s first two seasons, Andy has a serious romance with Detective Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson) until he cheats on her with his ex-girlfriend. In Season 4, Andy has an affair with Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) who also dated Gail Peck. This causes a rift between Andy and Gail. Andy and Sam finally become an item during Season 5, but their relationship is rocked in the season finale by news that Sam’s ex, Marlo Cruz, is pregnant.

Dov Epstein

Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) was a sickly kid who grew up idolizing “Starsky & Hutch” on TV. He is an adrenaline junkie and a fearless go-getter, but this approach gets him into a lot of trouble, including getting stuck on a suspect’s homemade mine. His impulsive behavior gains him a reputation as a screw-up, and he spends much of his time trying to prove he is a serious officer.

In Season 2, viewers learn that Dov’s older brother took his own life. He doesn’t share this painful information with many people, but he does tell his best friend and roommate, Chris Diaz.

After failing in love for most of the series, Dov begins dating fellow officer Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia) during Season 4. The fact that Chloe is still married to another Toronto cop causes the couple trouble. Their future is uncertain at the end of Season 5.

Gail Peck

Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) was born to be a cop. She comes from a long line of police royalty, her mother being the Superintendent and her godfather being the Chief of Police. Her colleagues think she is a brown-noser, and her superiors fear her family name. The pressure placed on Gail causes her to put on a snarky exterior to keep the world at bay, but she is actually big-hearted and vulnerable.

Gail has a hard time allowing people to get close to her. She has a fling with Chris Diaz during Season 1, but that ends when Chris discovers that Dov has feelings for her. Gail’s ex-fiancé, Afghanistan vet Nick Collins, joins 15 Division in Season 3, and the pair reunite. In Season 4, Nick develops feelings for Andy during a joint undercover mission, and Gail retaliates by telling Nick she had an affair. The couple split again.

Gail turns to her friend Holly Stewart (Aliyah O’Brien), a forensic pathologist, for comfort. The two begin dating, though not without issues. Rookie Blue’s Season 5 finale left the couple confronting both Holly’s unexpected job offer in San Francisco and Gail’s decision to adopt Sophie, a little girl whose mother died on a case Gail worked on.

Traci Nash

Unlike the other rookies, Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) has got her act together. Practical and responsible, she is a consummate professional. This is likely due to her having had a son, Leo, while in high school. Her responsibilities as a mother sometimes interfere with her job, but she manages to juggle both roles admirably.

Traci begins an affair with Detective Jerry Barber (Noam Jenkins) in Season 1. Their relationship is interrupted when she attempts to reconcile with Leo’s father for the sake of her son. She eventually rekindles her romance with Jerry, which leads to their engagement. Tragically, Jerry is killed in the line of duty before their wedding.

During Season 4 and Season 5, Traci dates Steve Peck but is worried about Leo becoming too attached.

Chris Diaz

Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) is a large, handsome, small-town guy with a big heart. He does things strictly by the book. He wants to be the perfect cop.

In Rookie Blue’s first season, Chris is enthralled by the pedigree and looks of Gail Peck, but their affair ends when he notifies supervisors of corruption involving the partner of Detective Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald), Gail’s brother. Chris and Gail are together again in Season 2 until Chris discovers Dov made a drug-induced pass at Gail. He writes off his romance with Gail without hearing the whole story.

In Season 3, Chris discovers he has a son named Christian with ex-girlfriend Denise. He transfers out of 15 Division in order to be closer to his instant family. Chris brings Denise and Christian for a visit mid-Season 4 only to have his son is kidnapped. It is later discovered that Christian’s real biological father took him. Chris ends his relationship with Denise and transfers back to 15 Division.

Season 5 ends with Chris clinging to sobriety after heavily abusing drugs for much of the season.