Welcome to the Hamptons where guests still dress up for dinner and the attire of choice is wealth.The yards are landscaped to perfection, and the mansions are almost as big as the secrets they hide. You won’t find your everyday drive-by shootings or strong arm robberies here; residents are much too elegant for that. Watch Revenge online to see murder and mayhem practiced with an artisan’s finesse amidst high-society smiles.

This television drama centers on a mysterious young lady who shows up in the Hamptons and rents the beach house next door to the most powerful family in town. She slowly gets to know her neighbors and manages to insinuate herself into every facet of their lives. Before they realize what has hit them, she accidentally-on-purpose bumps into their son, and he falls madly in love with her.

What the family doesn’t discern until it’s much too late is that she didn’t just happen to snag the house next door. Although she was a child when her new love’s parents framed her father and had him murdered in prison, she came into possession of her father’s journal as an adult, which detailed how he had been framed and betrayed by his closest friends. Armed with this information, she will stop at nothing to make sure that everyone involved lives to regret it; that is, if she chooses to let them live.


The Main Players of Revenge

Emily Thorne is the cunning and beautiful Emily VanCamp. She has meticulously studied the lives of the Graysons and strategically placed herself in the position to exact revenge of the most terrifying kind. She is driven by the fact that her father had an illicit affair with the wife of his partner that led to him being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. In prison, he was murdered by these same people while they were ostensibly trying to help him. Emily’s ultimate goal in life is to take down the Graysons and all of their cohorts. Along the way, she makes a few friends and even pretends to fall in love a time or two. But her lust for revenge is so dark that there is a good chance she herself might be consumed by its fire.

Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria Grayson. Her influential husband controls the Hamptons, but she is the iron maiden ruling the roost behind closed doors. Victoria exemplifies class, and top designers feel their careers have been made if she dons one of their creations. She loves art, fine china, handmade furniture and charity events with her name on the banner. Her husband’s cheating ways have turned her into an emotional icebox. She loves her children but has alienated them with her controlling ways. She doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t mar her carefully crafted image of the perfect family. When her son falls for Emily, Victoria’s protective instincts kick into overdrive because something just doesn’t sit right. She makes it her mission to leave no stone unturned in an effort to dig up all the dirt she can find on Emily.

Gabriel Mann is computer genius Nolan Ross, one of Emily’s only real friends. Emily’s late father David Clarke took a chance on a down-on-his-luck Nolan when no one else would give him the time of day. That act of trust not only turned Nolan’s life around but made him rich to the extent that even he admits he doesn’t know his own net worth. Nolan promised Clarke that he would always watch out for Emily, and that is an oath that he intends to keep even if it costs him his life. When Emily came of age, Nolan presented her with her father’s diary. He thought he was simply giving her a sentimental keepsake, but little did he know that he was giving her the very weapons she needed to put into motion her horrifying blueprint of revenge. Despite constantly warning Emily that her plans are too dangerous, Nolan finds himself facing increasingly perilous situations because he refuses to turn his back on her.

Henry Czerny plays Conrad Grayson. He is the head of the wealthy Grayson clan and has a vested interest in everything that goes on in the Hamptons, legal or otherwise. His gubernatorial win is thought by everyone to be a foregone conclusion until Emily stages a very public and embarrassing derailment. His sense of entitlement, combined with an ongoing middle-aged crisis, keeps his hands up the skirts of countless assistants, interns, colleagues and friends of his wife.

Josh Bowman plays golden boy and family heir Daniel Grayson. He is handsome, smart and polar opposite of his conniving parents. Behind his sunny disposition, he carries a terrible weight of guilt. A youthful indiscretion, which his father’s connections erased from the court system, left a young woman paralyzed. He is determined to be different and make the world a better place. All of this changes when he realizes that Emily is using his love for her as a pawn to destroy his family. His crushed pride and broken heart turn into a boiling anger, blowing up everyone in his path.

Nick Wechsler plays local bar owner Jack Porter. He was Emily’s childhood friend and her first crush. They hadn’t seen each other in decades, but Emily’s biggest fear is that he might recognize her and foil her plans of revenge. Emily has changed her looks and her name, but Jack begins to get suspicious when his dog, who doesn’t take to strangers, gives Emily a big welcome. Over time, Jack picks up on familiar quirks, and Emily is finally forced to admit the truth. Watch Revenge online to find out if Jack keeps her secret or if Emily will be forced to permanently shut down the only man she truly loves.