Rake is a show about a Los Angeles lawyer who has a lot of problems in his life. The name of the lawyer is Keegan Deane. He gambles, drinks and consorts with prostitutes, but all the same, he is a bit of a loveable rogue. He owes money to both his bookie and the IRS, and he always seems to be getting deeper into debt. At the same time, he is floundering in his professional life, struggling to find paying clients and fighting to find an office to work in. Watch Rake online to see what other trouble he gets into.

A Look at Rake


Guide to Rake Episodes

Following is a synopsis of each episode of the series.

Episode 1

In the premier episode of Rake, Keegan Deane is shown winning big at a poker game. He then must struggle to defend a serial killer in court, which ends up putting him at odds with both the Chief of the LAPD and the mayor. All the while, Keegan is trying to sell a Bluefin tuna that he received in payment from a client. No one is willing to give him the price he wants for the tuna, and he ends up cooking it at a party for his friends.

Episode 2

In this second episode, Keegan must defend three young Amish bakery owners on a charge of attempted murder. Keegan learns that the three were merely shaving the beard of the plaintiff in a customary Amish punishment. He gets the three off of the murder charges, but they must still serve six months for assault.

Episode 3

In the third episode of Rake, Keegan has to defend a client whose story hits very close to home. His client has been charged with insurance fraud for falsely claiming her son had cancer. She did this in order to pay off gambling debts, which Keegan can readily identify with. He uses his own addictions to garner sympathy with the jury by getting them to see that everyone has addictions, including them.

Episode 4

In this episode, Keegan has to defend an alleged cannibal in a very bizarre case. The cannibal is charged with murder, but he claims that the person he ate actually committed suicide. On top of that, Keegan must contend with the fact that his favorite prostitute, Mikki, has quit the business. He feels like they have more than a professional relationship, and he tries to convince Mikki that there is something real between them.

Episode 5

Keegan has to defend a client who is an alleged bigamist, but the trial takes a turn when a third wife appears out of the blue. Also during this episode, Mikki asks for Keegan’s help with a former john who is continuing to harass her after she has left her job as a prostitute behind.

Episode 6

In this episode, Keegan gets a client who has been charged with tampering with a jury. The client is a woman who slept with a juror. The juror was hearing the case in which her daughter was being tried for murder. Outside of the trial, Keegan’s life is in utter turmoil. The IRS wins a huge judgment against him, and the mayor learns that Keegan has been sleeping with his wife.

Episode 7

Keegan must defend a friend that he knows from Alcoholics Anonymous. The friend has been charged with robbery, and if convicted he will receive a life sentence due to it being his third strike. After the trial, Keegan decides to take a job at his best friend Ben’s corporate law firm so that he can make some serious money to pay off his massive debts.

Episode 8

Keegan learns that there are a lot of perks in the corporate law world, but he soon upsets his bosses by winning a case too quickly. This means that they cannot make money from the legal fees associated with a long, drawn-out case. Also in this episode, the mayor dies from autoerotic asphyxiation. The LAPD Chief wants to put the blame on Keegan due to their bad blood.

Episode 9

The case in this episode involves a woman who is charged with murdering her husband. The Chief of Police plants evidence in Keegan’s apartment to frame him for the murder of the mayor. Also, Keegan’s ex-wife needs his help in scaring off her new boyfriend after he refuses to accept their breakup.

Episode 10

Keegan must defend his pimp in court. His pimp has been charged with assault on a Hollywood agent who has powerful friends.

Episode 11

The action in this episode takes place outside of the courtroom. Keegan has to ask the ex-governor to back his best friend’s wife Scarlet in her campaign for district attorney. The situation becomes further complicated when Scarlet gets a new opponent in the race, David Potter. Potter is not only dating Mikki, but he is also the IRS attorney who prosecuted Keegan’s tax case.

Episode 12

This is perhaps the most bizarre case yet on Rake. One of Keegan’s good friends has been charged with animal cruelty. It turns out that he and his wife were having an intimate relationship with the family dog.

Episode 13

In this episode, Keegan has to deal with the hassle of a young boy tagging along with him as he goes about his business. The boy’s father won an auction to get the prize of hanging out with Keegan for the day. This becomes very awkward as Keegan is dealing with a case involving a man who has been accused of indecent exposure as well as being a peeping Tom.

Unfortunately, these are the only 13 episodes of Rake available. The show was hilarious, but it did not gain a large enough audience for Fox to renew it for a second season. However, it is still a lot of fun to watch Rake online due to the great acting and hysterical premises that the show provides.