Once Upon A Time in Wonderland

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

The story of Alice and Wonderland is a beloved tale. Mystery and nonsense, paired with creatures one only finds in dreams, merge together to create an extraordinary, imaginary world. However, whether Wonderland is imaginary or not is called into question when Alice is taken back.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, a spin-off of the hit television series Once Upon a Time, focuses on the life of Alice, played by Sophie Lowe. There is some crossover between the two series with flashbacks to pre-cursed Wonderland and connections with the characters from Storybrooke, Maine. Watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland online to discover the similarities and differences between the two series.

Plot of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

This series picks up after Alice’s trip to Wonderland. Upon her return, she tells everyone about the peculiar new land she discovered down the rabbit hole. Her belief leads her father to commit her to a mental institution. The story line takes on a modern twist as we learn that Alice’s true love, thought to be dead, is still alive in Wonderland. She is rescued from the mental institution by the Knave of Hearts, played by Michael Socha, and the White Rabbit, portrayed by John Lithgow, and begins her quest to find her true love, Cyrus, played by Peter Gadiot. Her journey is not without peril as she confronts the evil Jafar, portrayed by Naveen Andrews, the Red Queen Emma Rigby, and the dreaded Jabberwocky.


Characters in Wonderland

Unlike its parent series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is not secretive about the identities of its characters. Supporting characters include Tweedledum and Tweedledee played by Ben Cotton and Marty Finochio, the Cheshire Cat portrayed by Keith David, Iggy Pop as the Caterpillar, the Sultan played by Brian George, and Whoppi Goldberg as Mrs. Rabbit. Other characters make appearances throughout the season as the story unfolds.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episodes

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ended after only one season consisting of 13 episodes. You can read the episode summaries below and watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland online to catch up on the action.

1. Down the Rabbit Hole – Alice is committed to a mental institution by her father. The White Rabbit and the Knave of Hearts come to her rescue and set her free to begin her journey looking for her lost love, Cyrus.

2. Trust Me – The race is on between Alice, Jafar and the Red Queen to find the genie’s bottle. The love story of Cyrus, a genie, and Alice is revealed.

3. Forget Me Not – Alice and the Knave of Hearts seek to find out who stole the genie’s bottle. The Knave of Hearts’ past is revealed as well as his relationship with the Red Queen, once known as Anastasia.

4. The Serpent – Jafar wants the Knave of Hearts beheaded to serve as a warning to anyone who helps Alice along her quest. The Red Queen realizes that she is still in love with the Knave of Hearts, also known as Will, and Jafar’s true intentions are revealed.

5. Heart of Stone – A flashback to the former life of the Red Queen, Anastasia, takes place. Her lust for power and riches becomes evident as she makes a deal that changes her life forever.

6. Who’s Alice? – Alice, continuing on her journey, makes her way through Boro Grove, a place where memories are lost, and becomes trapped. Jafar captures the White Rabbit and takes him to England to locate Alice’s father, the key to persuading Alice.

7. Bad Blood – The Knave of Hearts and Alice work together to create a plan to rescue Cyrus from a floating island. Jafar brings Alice’s father to Wonderland and assumes his identity in order to trick Alice into making a wish.

8. Home – Alice seeks answers from the White Rabbit about his connection to the Red Queen, the Knave of Hearts makes a wish and ends up trapped in the genie’s bottle, and Alice is finally reunited with Cyrus.

9. Nothing to Fear – Against their better judgement, Alice and Cyrus join forces with the Red Queen to locate the Knave of Hearts. Trouble with the Jabberwocky begins.

10. Dirty Little Secrets – A flashback to Cyrus’ childhood reveals a costly decision that he and his brothers made to save the life of their mother. Meanwhile, the Jabberwocky makes her debut.

11. Heart of the Matter – The Red Queen is in danger, and the Knave of Hearts is the only one who can save her. A flashback reveals more of Anastasia’s past.

12. To Catch a Thief – Jafar is confronted by a former partner, Alice and the Knave of Hearts’ friendship is tested, and the Jabberwocky tries to get free from Jafar’s control.

13. And They Lived… – Jafar gains the ability to change the laws of magic and uses his new powers to gain the love of his father before killing him. Then, he raises an army of dead soldiers. Alice raises an army of her own in hopes of defeating Jafar.