Off Their Rockers

Off Their Rockers

Betty White is known for her role on the popular sitcom The Golden Girls. She played the ditzy lady who hailed from Minnesota. She now has a new show called Off Their Rockers. Viewers will notice that she has a little mischief up her sleeve, and she involves other elderly people in the act to try and make the younger generation feel like they’re missing out on something.


Falling Off Their Rockers

The show debuted in 2012. It could originally be seen on NBC, but it was soon moved to Lifetime. Off Their Rockers began as a birthday event for Betty White. The show was on the air for a few seasons, but it has recently been taken off due to a lack of viewer interest. There have been many laughs on the show, and those who missed seeing all of the main characters and the antics delivered by White can watch Off Their Rockers online. There are discussions that Lifetime could pick up another season of the show in the future.

The premise for Off Their Rockers is of a candid-camera variety. Younger people might not think that the older generation knows how to prank anyone, but after seeing some of the hilarious outtakes, viewers and participants will think twice. The show takes the angle that elderly people are tired of being pranked by teenagers and the young adult crowd, which makes the theme song We’re Not Gonna Take It all the more relative.

There is a particular way to successfully watch Off Their Rockers. Viewers have to look at each clip as something that is meant to be funny instead of something serious. Coffee, rocking chairs, wheelchairs and other equipment used by the older generation are commonly seen on the show. Each episode runs about 30 minutes, and there are plenty of laughs throughout the entire half hour.


One of the episodes features a case of mistaken identity. One man walks right up to a stranger on the sidewalk, pretending he is someone else. The elderly man keeps telling the other person that he hasn’t seen him in years. He proceeds to hug him and ask about his family. The young man is clearly confused.

You can see a nun in a wheelchair try to get people to move out of the way on the sidewalk. She asks politely at first, and then she gets downright demanding with those in front of her. After she clears the area, she says thank you in the sweetest voice you could expect from a nun.

The skits take everyone involved off-guard. Off Their Rockers begins each episode with a short clip to get you familiar with the show. Then, there’s a clip of Betty White where she describes how much fun it is to be an elderly person in today’s world as well as some of the pranks that will be seen on that evening’s episode. This show might not be something everyone wants to watch because they might feel as though the pranks are a little rude at times, but it’s a viewing experience that successfully sustains itself for 30 minutes. Some people will wipe away tears as older men wrap a car in tape, paying close attention as the owner tries to get it off.

There are episodes where men and women ask for directions or give someone the wrong directions. Betty White gets elderly folks to do dances that all of young people do these days, but their moves are a little off. This is something in itself that gets many laughing. Some of the older gentlemen talk to younger men about dating and how they are too hot to handle. From skateboarding up and down steps to showing off cheer moves to a younger generation, there is a mix of athletics, music and events in everyday life that leave everyone wanting more of this show.

When one older man poses a blow-up doll in a rocking chair, some people in the nursing home start to wonder if there is something going on in his dating life. People can be seen walking through a library with one girl sitting at a table in the middle of the room. There is a gentleman sitting beside her, and an older woman comes up to ask her to hold her cup of coffee. The young woman obliges while the older woman goes to get something to eat. The older man begins to drink from the cup, but the younger girl stops him. While the cup is being moved, he loses his teeth in the coffee. This is a prank that was submitted by a viewer. Several of the pranks that are seen on the later episodes have been submitted by viewers. The producers of the show want feedback from viewers so they can create content that is funny but modern. Some older women will walk up to young men to tell them to stop staring at their chest, and there are some older men who try to hit on the younger ladies. It’s all for fun and laughs.