Based on the French film, this is the fourth version of the femme fatale’s story to make it to the screen. Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca star in this series about power and corruption under the guise of secret government action. Check out this guide to the show and then watch Nikita online.

As the series begins, it has been three years since the title character escaped the clutches of an organization known as Division. The program trains young people to be spies and assassins by recruiting impressionable criminals who have no other options. For them, it’s either prison or some semblance of a life training and working for Division. At Division, though, there is no real life outside of it. The operatives have their covers, but they are not permitted to tell people about their jobs as assassins.

Nikita, intent on bringing down the organization that she believes is corrupt and more about helping itself than the people of the world, secretly trains a young woman named Alex, then makes sure that young woman is set up in a robbery and caught. She creates the perfect fake background for her, making her into the ideal Division candidate. Alex is recruited upon her arrest, and her work as a mole begins.

Throughout the course of the first season, the duo routinely sabotage Division missions, some from the inside and others from the outside. They contact one another on secret channels. When Division psychologist Amanda discovers that Alex is a mole, Amanda reveals that it was Nikita who was responsible for having Alex’s family killed, turning Alex’s loyalties upside down.


The Story of Nikita

While her friendship with Alex is shattered for a time, Nikita rebuilds her relationship with her former handler Michael, gaining his trust and his help again. He leaves Division behind as well, intent on helping her bring them down once and for all. Eventually, the two of them make good on that, but Amanda escapes, heading out on her own. While they attempt to turn Division into an organization that can be trusted, Amanda frames her for the assassination of the President, forcing her to become a fugitive again.

In the final batch of episodes, it is revealed that Amanda’s plan for the group that cost her Division is even more sinister than originally believed: She has created genetic doubles of people in positions of power who will do her bidding. A tense plan allows Nikita and her small team of friends from her Division days to finally get the better of Amanda and move on.

The Characters

Nikita – Portrayed by Maggie Q, she is the woman at the center of the story. Betrayed by Division while she was working from them, she turns her back on the secret organization using the skills they taught her. Her life is built primarily on revenge, but eventually she realizes that justice is more important.

Alex – Portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca, Alex is the daughter of Russian royalty. After her entire family is murdered during her childhood, she is sold into a life of sexual slavery. Rescued by Nikita, she is trained to work against Division. Alex is loyal to her mentor up to a point; she doesn’t handle being lied to well because their entire relationship is built on taking down the liars.

Michael – Portrayed by Shane West, Michael begins his story arc as a company man, believing in the work that Division does. It’s his love and trust for Nikita that cause him to imagine another life, so he bands together with her and a select few to fight the good fight.

Percy – Portrayed by Xander Berkeley, Percy is the head of Division when Alex is first recruited. It is Percy who takes Division beyond its government roots, turning it into his own personal power-grabbing machine.

Amanda – Portrayed by Melinda Clarke, Amanda first appears as nothing more than Percy’s pawn, the psychologist getting inside the heads of the Division recruits. Over time, she is revealed as even more sinister than the man she calls her boss as she has ambitions beyond making the recruits work for him.

Birkhoff – Portrayed by Aaron Stanford, Birkhoff is the tech genius at Division. He is in charge of communications, security cameras, satellite footage and everything else. If it runs on electricity, he monitors it. Birkhoff, not an assassin in the field for Division, doesn’t exactly have the stomach for conspiracy and murder. Though he seems like loyal member of the organization at the start of the show, his heart and belief in the freedom of information eventually win out.

Owen/Sam – Portrayed by Devon Sawa, Owen, who eventually becomes Sam, is a former Cleaner for Division when the audience is introduced to him. When assassins for Division make mistakes by letting people in on who they really are, the Cleaners eliminate the possible information leak and “clean it up.” Owen, like Nikita, was betrayed by Division, and his need for revenge falls in line with her own agenda. He’s a recurring ally before he becomes a love interest for Alex.