New Girl

New Girl

Zooey Deschanel does what she does best in New Girl by starring as the quirky and lovable Jessica Day. She’s a school teacher who’s going through a difficult breakup with her long-term boyfriend and decides to find some roommates to move in with. The roommates she chooses are three best friends who have known each other for years, and they’re all men. Nick, Shmidt and Winston find Jess a little strange at first, but it doesn’t take long for them to accept her as one of the gang.

New Girl is your typical friend comedy featuring out-of-the-ordinary situations that help the friends bond and show how much they care for one another. Like many other shows of this genre, romantic feelings begin to form between some of the friends, which can present conflict at times. Although it may seem as though this type of show has been done time and time again since the smash-hit sitcom Friends, New Girl manages to stand apart in its genre with successful actors to play each role and has some shockingly hilarious writing. You never know what will come out of the characters’ mouths next when you watch this show.


The Roommates

Jess is the new girl who brings energy to the apartment when she moves in. She’s young and quirky and genuinely cares about everyone. After her rough breakup, Jess has a few relationships, but none of them ever seem to work out. Some of the men show real promise until something happens where the relationship must end. No matter how many guys she ends up dating, the one roommate who is always there for her is Nick. It takes a few seasons to find out whether Jess is into Nick or just sees him as a friend.


Nick, played by the hilarious Jake Johnson, is a bartender with the strangest life philosophies you’ll ever hear. He doesn’t seem to have any major goals but is content with the life he lives for the most part. His mentor is an old Asian man he gets advice from, even though the man has never said a word to Nick. And he just can’t seem to find the right girl. Nick often debates on whether or not to act on his feelings for Jess, but he doesn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship they’ve built.

Nick doesn’t do the best job hiding his feelings for Jess and sometimes gets visibly upset about the role he plays in her life. In one episode, he refers to himself as an “emotional fluffer,” which he explains is the guy who tends to all of Jess’ emotional needs while some other man is dating her. This is something most young men can relate to at some point or another during their friendships with women.


Schmidt is the roommate who is the most successful but also the most picked on by others. He is young and good looking, has money and gets women but always manages to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. The roommates end up making a “douchebag jar” for him to put money in each time he says something he probably shouldn’t have. There are quite a few episodes where Schmidt easily steals the show with his off-the-wall antics.

Because Schmidt is a lady’s man, he goes through a series of love interests on the show who are able to show his romantic side. He’s never quite sure of exactly what he wants as far as relationships go, and this can cause him quite a few problems. He runs into his biggest dilemma when he finally begins seeing Jess’ best friend, CeCe. Schmidt realizes he loves CeCe but makes a terrible mistake that ruins their relationship. This creates a very awkward situation for the roommates for quite some time.


In the earlier seasons, Winston was probably the least interesting character on the show, but in later seasons, Winston has managed to give Schmidt a run for his money as the funniest character to watch.

Winston is a former minor league basketball player who played in odd leagues that took place in small villages in Eastern Europe. When he moves back to the apartment, he gets a job working for a sports radio station but eventually decides to pursue his career as a police officer after trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Guest Stars Galore on New Girl

You never know who’s going to be the next guest star on this show. An assortment of great actors and actresses sporadically pop up to play old friends or relatives of the main characters. Season two’s Thanksgiving episode is one of the best when Rob Riggle, Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis come over to celebrate the holidays. Riggle plays Schmidt’s competitive older cousin, and when Winston tricks them into having a contest to see who the best Schmidt is, there are non-stop laughs for the rest of the episode. Meanwhile, Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis play Jess’ divorced parents whom Jess tries to “Parent Trap” into getting back together with clever but childish schemes.

You’ll have to watch New Girl online to see who shows up next and if Jess and Nick ever end up together.