Naruto’s pilot chapter was initially produced as a one-shot manga written by Japanese author Masashi Kishimoto. It is the world’s top-selling manga with a sales track of 130 million copies in Japan alone. Later, the story line was further extended and adapted to produce 220 episodes for television, which first aired in Japan starting October 2002, until the original series completed its final aired episode in February 2007.


Who Is Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who is always in search of the recognition of others, aspiring to ascend to obtain the status of the Hokage of his village, Konoha. The Hokage is considered to be the acknowledged leader of the village and the strongest ninja warrior, having great authority and status among their people. But Naruto harbors a foreboding secret inside himself that he is initially unaware of, which brings upon him much ridicule in the early years of his young life. Fast-forward to12 years later, and the young ninja warrior becomes aware of the secret that dwells inside of him, beginning his epic journey in this internationally acclaimed Japanese anime series. If you are new to anime and want to get caught up in this legendary tale, then be sure to watch Naruto online.


The village Konoha, the place where Naruto is born, is attacked by a cunning and powerful fox. This invading fox, referred to as “The Nine Tails,” brings death and destruction to many of the villagers until the fourth Hokage sacrifices his own life to contain the threat, trapping and locking it away inside Naruto as an infant. This act upon the newborn leads to many of the villagers resenting and ridiculing him throughout his early years, often referring to him as The Nine Tails. By decree of the third Hokage, no one in the village, not even the young protagonist himself, is allowed to speak of the attack of the great fox to outsiders.

Unknown to the young boy that the demon fox was locked away within him, 12 years pass until he is approached by a renegade ninja named Mizuki, who proceeds to coax the young ninja warrior into acquiring an ancient forbidden scroll. This forbidden scroll contains information enabling the possessor to acquire deep insight into one of the guarded secret techniques of the ninja. In the process of stealing the scroll, Naruto’s teacher Iruka Umino intervenes, nearly losing his life in his attempt to protect him from the manipulative Mizuki. It is then that he learns the truth about the secret locked away inside of him, using the Jutsu he gleaned from the scroll to perform a special shadow cloning technique to overcome Mizuki.

Naruto then joins up with Sasuke Uchiha, a fellow warrior and rival, and Sakura Haruno, whom he has feelings for, to form Team 7. The team operates under the strict militant eye and leadership of their teacher Kakashi Hatake. Being a part of Team 7 means that the protagonist is assigned to carry out missions and tasks for local villagers, involving anything from doing everyday chores to the duty of guarding other members of the village. Before long, Sensei Kakashi grants him and his companions the right to undergo an exam, which provides the team with the opportunity to earn a higher rank as ninjas. While the team’s exam is under way, a wanted malefactor named Orochimaru, the main antagonist early on in the series whose capture has been outstanding for some time, assassinates the third Hokage in an attack on the village of Konoha. This compels the legendary Toad Sage ninja Jiraiya to locate Lady Tsunade, who has been nominated to take the position as the fifth Hokage in the village.

Orochimaru, who has obtained a type of transient immortality by learning how to transfer into host bodies as a result of inhumane experiments carried out on others, wants to acquire Naruto’s teammate Sasuke because of his genetic heritage. Believing that Orochimaru can provide him with the power to resolve his unceasing revenge towards his brother Itachi Uchiha for destroying his clan, Sasuke joins with the criminal Orochimaru after being defeated by his brother. The young ninja is sent to bring back Sasuke to Konoha but he is unable to accomplish the mission. Naruto then leaves Konoha to study under Jiraiya to prepare himself for the next encounter with Sasuke.

Beyond the Original Series

After the completion of the first 220 episodes of Naruto, the series was later extended with a second sequel run entitled Naruto: Shippuden, which translated means “The Hurricane Chronicles.” In February 2007, the new television-adapted series began to air in Japan. Other spin-off efforts have been created to indulge the fans of the popular series, and there are also numerous feature-length movies that were released to bring the audience further into the background of the broader series’ expanded storyline. The author of the original manga release of the story has publicly stated that he envisioned an ending chapter to the long-running series, but many details need to be resolved before such an ending can be realized. Fans anxiously anticipating the conclusion can review past episodes and watch Naruto online.