Murder In The First

Murder In The First

Murder in the First originally aired in June 2014 on TNT’s cable television network. TNT Original Productions produces the show, and it is directed by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal. The premise of the show is two San Francisco detectives stumble across two murders and that case is followed throughout the show. The first season of Murder in the First has completed, its run and the network has ordered a second season of 10 additional episodes.


The Story of Murder in the First

Murder in the First is centered on the professional escapades of San Francisco homicide detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan. They are directed to investigate what initially appears to be two separate murders, but they later realize that the cases are linked to each other and to well-known Silicon Valley executive Erich Blunt. Each episode of the first season was focused on this case as well as the relationship between the two detectives.

The Lead Characters and Actors Who Portray Them

Taye Diggs plays Inspector Terry English who is a San Francisco homicide detective dealing with the terminal illness of his wife. Alongside him is his partner Inspector Hildy Mulligan, played by Kathleen Robertson. Inspector Mulligan is a single mom torn between her job and being the best mom she can be. Tom Felton plays Erich Blunt, the show’s bad guy of sorts. Blunt is a Silicon Valley prodigy and is somehow involved with the two murders. It’s up to the detectives to figure out how.

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of Murder in the First includes Steven Weber as Bill Wilkerson who is a long-time friend and associate of the antagonist. He is also the driver and pilot of Mr. Blunt. James Cromwell plays the role of Warren Daniels, who is a famed defense attorney to Mr. Blunt. Richard Schiff plays David Hertzberg, who is Mr. Blunt’s personal and corporate attorney but is not ready to take on the defense of a murder case. Nicole Ari Parker plays District Attorney Jacqueline Perez who decides to pursue the investigation against Mr. Blunt. Currie Graham acts as Chief Prosecutor Mario Siletti whose job it is to build the case against Mr. Blunt. Ian Anthony Dale plays the role of Lieutenant Jim Koto who is the supervisor of the lead characters and doesn’t accept any non-sense in his department. Raphael Sbarge plays Inspector David Molk, a thoughtful coworker of the lead characters and also a homicide detective. Lombardo Boyar has the role of Inspector Edgar Navarro who is highly dedicated to his job as Molk’s partner. The seductive Bess Rous plays Ivana West, who is the chief technology officer of Mr. Blunt’s technology company and plays a role in the cover-up on Mr. Blunt’s behalf. Rounding out the regular cast is Mimi Kirkland as Louise Mulligan, who is Hildy’s 6-year-old little girl.

Past Episodes

In the season premiere, English and Mulligan are tasked to work on the case of a man shot to death in a shady neighborhood’s drug den. On the man’s person is an iPad with an email addressed to Mr. Blunt. Meanwhile, English’s wife dies of her terminal illness. The detectives find a suspect for the shooting, but he hires a lawyer, insults Mulligan and receives retribution by English. Another body associated with someone close to Mr. Blunt is found by police. In the next episode, determined to find a link between the two murders, the detectives question Blunt who is fiercely uncooperative. He invites Mulligan out on a date, and she gets a DNA sample on the sly. As the season continues to progress, the DNA sample shows that Mr. Blunt has a definitive link to the second homicide. Mulligan is involved in an on-duty self-defense killing and is put on temporary administrative leave, prompting English to pursue leads on his own. Mr. Blunt receives bail but violates the terms and is found to have ties interwoven with former members of the San Francisco Police Department. The plot advances by six months to Mr. Blunt’s trial. During the trial, many accounts of infidelity, lies and power struggles between the characters are revealed. One of the murder charges against Mr. Blunt is dropped for lack of evidence and the judge providing the prosecution with a stern warning that an iron-clad case is required for progression of the trial. Mr. Blunt’s closest allies break ties and leave him to his own devices.

Current Plots and Future Changes

In the season finale, Mr. Blunt shows up at the police station to turn himself in after confessing to the crimes. He later hangs himself in his jail cell. Upon release of the information, his company’s stock loses all of its value, and his former associates come under scrutiny. Viewers who missed any of the episodes during the initial broadcast time can watch Murder in the First online to get caught up on all the plot twists and turns before the second season begins.

Critical Reviews

Television critics and audiences alike responded well to the plot and characters on Murder in the First. The characters are well-developed and pull you in as you watch Murder in the First online. You can’t help but tune into each subsequent episode to see how the season-long case unfolds. In the second season of the show, you can expect to see more character development between English and Mulligan as well as a deeper exploration of their relationship with their boss and coworkers at the San Francisco Police Department. The ongoing internal struggle that Mulligan has with parenthood and her professional career will also be an ongoing theme in upcoming episodes.