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Modern Family

It’s almost fall, my favorite time of year. Besides donning sweaters and boots that it’s still technically a bit too warm for and stuffing my face with pumpkin flavored everything, I plan on spending the next few weeks catching up on my favorite sitcom, Modern Family, before season five starts next month. Thanks to, I can watch Modern Family online; all the episodes I’ve missed (or really want to see again) on my laptop from the comfort of my bed after the kids have gone to bed. Plus, television is free.

Ten Ways Modern Family Makes Me Feel Better About My Parenting Fails

The show has racked up an impressive number of awards and nominations so far, including 17 Emmys. But the real reason I’m hooked is because watching this family and their parenting fails helps me see the humor in my own life.

My Ten Favorite Parenting Fails From Modern Family

1. Phil Accidentally Advertises His Wife And Daughter As Escorts

In one of my favorite episodes, Phil (Ty Burrell) tries to advertise his business by having the family mini-van shrink wrapped with a photo of his wholesome family. However, due to the layout of the photo and the wording in his ad, the van looks like it’s advertising his wife Claire (Julie Bowen) and his older daughter Haley (Sarah Hyland) as escorts. Claire is oblivious to the mistake, but happily spends the day fielding complaints and catcalls while running errands, which ultimately helps her stop feeling like she’s a frumpy mom.

2. Phil’s Crush On His MILF Mom

While not technically a parenting fail, painfully awkward and funny to watch is Phil’s not so secret crush on his Mother-In-Law Gloria (Sofia Vegara), but he realizes that the grass is always greener when he tries to pass an unknowing Gloria off as his wife to an old high school acquaintance, just to find out that his old rival was always jealous of Phil’s relationship with Claire.

3. Mitch And Cam’s Attempted Adoption

Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron’s (Eric Stonestreet) struggle to adopt a second child is tough to watch. But things get zany when the adoption falls through in a night that plays out like a Spanish telanovela.

4. The Kids Walk In On Their Parents

Phil and Claire’s kids make them breakfast to celebrate their anniversary, and bring it upstairs to find their parents mid-deed. The kids ultimately purchase their parents a deadbolt as a pointed and useful gift, but the joke’s on them when they realize that they can hear the lock engage, meaning they know exactly what their parents are doing.

5. Claire’s Mommy-bragging Backfires

When Claire takes returning champion Alex (Ariel Winter) to an academic decathlon, Claire is so busy bragging to the other moms about her daughter’s brains that she cheers when Alex is eliminated from the competition and accidentally humiliates her daughter.

6. When You Child Is Your Designated Driver

Worried that Haley isn’t being responsible about her future, Phil and Claire take her out for a fancy grown-up dinner, only to realize that Haley has it more together than they did at her age. Depressed about their life choices, they overindulge and are mortified when Haley not only pays for dinner but has to drive them home.

7. Beat By A Seven-Year-Old

When Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) is dealing with a bully on the school playground,  her dad Mitch steps in to try and help, only to be bullied himself.

8. Dress-Up Gone Wrong

Baby Joe (Rebecca Mark/Sierra Mark) gets a flowing blonde wig stuck to his head in during a playful photo shoot with Cameron, leaving his babysitters to try and remove it without alerting his parents to the problem.

9. First Impressions

Thinking he is the height of high fashion, Manny (Rico Rodriguez) wants to wear a traditional Colombian poncho to the first day of school, but Jay (Ed O’Neill)and Gloria disagree over trying to save his social life and whether they should tell him to wear something else.

10. All The Lily Sass

Sassy Lily tells her fathers to “Cry me a river” and “Do you want me to call you a wah-mbulance?” when they discuss the dilemma of having nothing to wear. If I had a daughter like her would need all the wine to make it to nap time.

I can’t wait for new episodes of Modern Family to start so I can see what the Prichetts and Dunphys will get up to next, and thanks to, I don’t have to miss a minute – Watch Modern Family season 2 online now!!