Masters of Sex Season 2

Masters Of Sex

Sex, seduction and lies sounds like a great premise for any TV show. Add in the fact that the show is set in the late 1950s, a time before sex was widely accepted among the public, and you can likely see what it is that makes Masters of Sex one of the most exciting shows on television. Here’s a synopsis of the show and what makes it such an entertaining series to watch.

Season 2 of Masters of Sex Picks up Right Where It Left Off

Season two of Masters of Sex starts with Bill Masters getting a new job at Gateway Memorial Hospital. However, Masters quickly comes to find out that the staff there, who accepted his study on sex, seem to all be very perverted about the situation. The reaction of his peers angers Bill. He ends up punching a coworker, which naturally gets him fired from his position.

His next stop is at Buell Green Hospital, which is a hospital for colored doctors and patients. However, the entire stint is left with frustration as Bill is unable to convince his white patients to come to this hospital, and the black patients don’t seem to be eager to have him there.

A few episodes later, Masters and Virginia move into their own office, and they hire Betty to be a secretary. The three continue to run the study out of the office though they are having a hard time paying bills. At the same time, Bills brother also appears for the first time, which reveals the history between Bill and his abusive father.