Major Crimes

Major Crimes

Major Crimes, a police procedural drama series, is a spin-off of The Closer and can be seen on TNT network. Viewers can also watch Major Crimes online. The show stars Mary McDonnell and Police Academy franchise alum G. W. Bailey. The hit series premiered on August 13, 2012, averaging over 7 million viewers for its first season. Season 4 is scheduled to return sometime in June 2015.


After Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) leaves the Los Angeles Police Department, no-nonsense Captain Sharon Raydor steps in to head up the Major Crimes Division. At first, it’s a rocky road for Raydor as she tries to earn the trust of her detectives who are still reeling over the departure of Deputy Chief Johnson. Also exiting the department is Sgt. Gabriel who is replaced by a young, ambitious detective named Any Sykes. Raydor eventually becomes the legal guardian of Rusty Beck, a former teenage male prostitute and witness in the Philip Stroh case. Each week, the detectives are assigned to solve high-profile murder cases in the Los Angeles area.


Major Crimes Cast of Characters

Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) first made her presence known on The Closer where she worked as an investigator for the Force Investigation Division, a division of the LAPD Internal Affairs Group. Having to look into Sgt. Gabriel’s shooting incident made her a thorn in everyone’s side. Now, working under Assistant Chief Taylor, she is the lead officer of the Major Crimes Division with a loyal and trusting staff of detectives. Captain Raydor is estranged from her conniving husband Jack and is the mother of two adult children. She is also seeking to adopt her ward, Rusty Beck.

Lt. Louie Provenza (G.W. Bailey) is funny, old-school and unapologetic about being politically incorrect. He has been married and divorced several times and is best buddies with Detective Andy Flynn. Provenza may come off as cynical, crusty and judgmental, but he also comes with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Detective Andy Flynn (Anthony Denison) is, for the most part, Lt. Provenza’s sidekick and partner. Flynn first worked for the Robbery-Homicide Division. He also seems to have a major crush on his boss Captain Raydor, which Lt. Provenza takes great pleasure in pointing out.

Detective Michael Tao (Michael Paul Chan) is the department’s computer brainiac and forensic specialist. Assistant Chief Taylor describes Tao as a technical genius.

Detective Julio Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) is one of the most compassionate detectives in the department. His unbridled anger over abused victims such as women and children often sends him over the edge. Sanchez never takes off his wedding band even though he is a widower. He is the go-to guy for the 411 on local gangs. Despite his aggressive tendencies, Sanchez is well-liked by his colleagues.

Detective Amy Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) is the newest addition to the Major Crimes Division, and having served in Afghanistan, Sykes comes with an extensive military background. Sykes is dating Lt. Chuck Cooper. The part is a recurring role played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin) was left homeless by his drug addict mother who also happens to be named Sharon. He was forced to make a living on the streets in order to survive. Rusty was placed into protective custody with Captain Raydor after witnessing serial killer Phillip Stroh burying one of his victims in the park. Everyone at the division plays a hand in mentoring and seeing after Rusty.

Buzz Watson (Philip P. Keene) assists the division in technical support, including providing electronic surveillance and analysis of video and audio footage. Buzz and Detective Tao often work close together.

Assistant Chief Russell Taylor (Robert Gossett) worked his way into the position of Captain after 21 years of service in the LAPD. He now oversees the operations of the Major Crimes Division.

Special Agent Deputy Chief Fritz Howard is the husband of former Chief Brenda, and Johnson and is an agent for the FBI. He often works in conjunction with the Major Crimes unit depending on how high-profile the case.

Season Highlights

Season 1: Detectives are in shock over Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson’s departure and Captain Raydor’s entrance as their new boss. A young detective named Amy Sykes joins the team. Raydor decides to look after homicide witness Rusty Beck, especially since his biological father comes off as a poor guardian choice.

Season 2: This season introduces a new Medical Examiner, Dr. Morales, who is played by Jonathan Del Arco, and Nadine Velazquez joins the cast as the queasy-stomached DDA Emma Rios. Someone is sending Rusty threatening letters, which prompts Rios to demand the boy be relocated. Raydor strongly objects and refuses to give in to the demand. Rusty takes a stand in the case against Philip Stroh as the team closes in on the writer of those threatening letters.

Season 3: Raydor’s husband Jack (Tom Berenger) pops in and ends up becoming roommates with Raydor and Rusty for a brief moment. Raydor discusses adopting Rusty with him since they are still legally married, but Jack wants to know what’s in it for him. As usual, Jack eventually proves he cannot be trusted as does Rusty’s biological mother who constantly lies her way out of rehab.