Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Set in Denver, CO, Last Man Standing is a comedic sitcom dealing with controversial issues families face in life and politics. Each episode focuses on a social, political or religious topic. With some subjects of great sensitivity, this sitcom causes viewers to question their beliefs and views on many issues.


Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) and his wife Vanessa Baxter (Nancy Travis) are hardworking parents trying to give their three daughters a good life. Mike Baxter is the Senior Executive and Director of Marketing for a sporting goods store named Outdoor Man. Vanessa Baxter is a geologist. Living in a house filled with women, Mike Baxter is constantly trying to prove his manhood. His macho attitude and conservative views create controversy between him and his daughters, each one with their own stance on the given topic, arguing it out to see who will be the Last Man Standing.



Mike Baxter (Tim Allen), father of three daughters, supports traditional American values and holds conservative political views. He is the marketing director for the Outdoor Man sporting goods store. Mike is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Vanessa Baxter (Nancy Travis) is Mike’s wife and mother to his three daughters. She tries to stay neutral on views when disagreements arise in the household. Vanessa is a geologist that graduated from Ohio State University.

Kristen Baxter (Alexandra Krosney — Season 1) (Amanda Fuller — Season 2 to present) is the oldest daughter of Mike and Vanessa. Opposite her father, she is liberal in her political views, which makes for many interesting debates in the household. She is a single mother as a result of becoming pregnant her senior year in high school and is living with her parents while raising her son, Boyd, and trying to make a better life for herself.

Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) is the middle daughter of Mike and Vanessa. Mandy takes more pride in her appearance than she does in her schoolwork. Not considered the brain in the family, she is more of a social butterfly. She surprises the entire family with her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Eve Baxter (Kaitlyn Denver) is the youngest daughter of Mike and Vanessa. Most like her father, Eve enjoys camping, sports and the military. Being strong-minded, she is determined to fight for what she believes is right. Her wittiness with her sisters adds to the comedy of the series.

Kyle Anderson (Christoph Sanders) is a quirky, lovable guy that views Mike as his fatherly figure. He can be a little oblivious to what is going on around him at times. Working at Outdoor Man and dating two of Mike’s daughters, Kristen and Mandy, places him in some humorous situations.

Ed Alzate (Héctor Elizondo) is Mike’s boss and friend. They hold many of the same interests and values in life. He is proud of his Basque heritage. Mike often confides in him and seeks him for advice.

Boyd Baxter (Evan and Luke Kruntchev — Season 1) (Flynn Morrison — Season 2 to present) is the son of Kristen and Ryan. He is seen periodically throughout the seasons and is the subject of many disagreements between Ryan and Mike.

Ryan Vogelson (Nick Jonas — Season 1) (Jordan Masterson — Season 2 to present) is Boyd’s father. The relationship between Ryan and Kristen is complicated. Ryan is extremely liberal in his views in every way, causing much tension between him and Mike.

Other characters include Bud Baxter (Robert Forster) as Mike’s father, Chuck Larabee (Jonathan Adams) and Carol Larabee (Erika Alexander) as the Baxter’s neighbors, Blanca (Carla Jiminez) as the Baxter’s housekeeper, John Baker (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) as Kristen’s boss, April (Christian Moore) as Vanessa’s sister, Bill McKendree (Richard Karn) as the architect for Outdoor Man, Michelle (Danielle Bisutti) as Vanessa’s neighbor and friend, Justin (Tye Sheridan) as Eve’s boyfriend, and Andrew (Zachary Gordon) as Eve’s nerdy classmate.

Last Man Standing Seasons

Season 1 addresses issues such as co-ed sports, modeling, teen pregnancy, ghosts and entering high school. Mike and Vanessa work out the difficulties of raising three daughters while both working. Mike sets Kyle up on a date with Mandy, but he ends up going out with Kristen instead. Kristen’s ex-boyfriend, father of Boyd, unexpectedly comes back into town wanting to be a part of his son’s life.

Season 2 contained a cast change for Kristen, Ryan and Boyd. Though this seems odd at first, viewers quickly become accustomed to the change. This season addresses issues such as voting, death, illegal immigrants, violence and alcohol. Mandy is old enough to vote for the first time, but her sisters and parents are trying to sway her decision. Mandy and Kyle start dating. Ryan becomes more involved in Boyd’s life and begins dating Kristen again.

Season 3 addresses issues such as spanking, social media, sexual purity, marijuana and ADHD. Eve learns how to drive, Mandy learns how to sew and Kristen learns that Ryan truly loves her and Boyd. Mandy discovers her talent and passion for fashion design and starts her own business. Kristen and Ryan end up engaged. Watch Last Man Standing online, Seasons 1 through 3, to prepare for Season 4.