How I Met Your Mother Season 3

How I Met Your Mother

Few who watch the show regularly will ever forget Neil Patrick Harris as Barney. Barney joins the group after Ted befriends him in the bar’s men’s room.

Lovable despite his pathological womanizing, Barney has what he calls his “Bro Code,” a personal guide by which to live that was funny and popular enough to spin off a series of books once this show had built a following.

Those who still thought of Harris as the Doogie character he played when he was a teenager got to see him in a whole new light. Barney was also very different from Harris in real life. Harris is famously and proudly out of the closet. He and his long-time partner are parents of two children. His portrayal of Barney as a habitually single skirt chaser was always on point and enabled Harris to show the world that gifted actors can easily play characters who are very different from themselves.