Hart Of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is a comedy-drama set in the small Alabama town of BlueBell. It has been shown on the CW Television Network since 2011. New Yorker Zoe Hart had her life planned. She would receive a fellowship at the hospital where she had just completed her residency, and she would be a cardio-thoracic surgeon like her father. However, things don’t work out the way she had planned. She doesn’t get the fellowship, and instead, she accepts an offer from Dr. Harley Wilkes to work at his medical practice in BlueBell. She had met Dr. Wilkes at her medical school graduation, and he had asked her several times to come and work with him. If you haven’t been able to watch episodes as they air, you can catch up and watch Hart of Dixie online.


Season 1

Zoe arrives in BlueBell. She finds out that Dr. Wilkes has died and left her his half of the medical practice, which he shared with Dr. Brick Breeland. Dr. Breeland had hoped to take over the entire practice, and he is not happy to see Zoe. Zoe soon finds out that Dr. Wilkes was her biological father.

Lawyer George Tucker informs Zoe that she must bring in 30 percent of the practice’s business, or Dr. Breeland will have the option to buy her out. She clashes with Dr. Breeland’s daughter Lemon and crashes Mayor Lavon Hayes’ float during the Founder’s Day Parade. She is instantly attracted to her neighbor Wade Kinsella.

After Zoe suffers through a Southern heat wave and gets bitten by a snake, her plans to return to New York for Thanksgiving are disrupted when she finds out she has to get more patients to retain her half of the medical practice. Zoe tries to improve her relationship with Lemon Breeland by joining her group of Southern Belles. Lemon, though, does not want Zoe in the group and tries to discourage her by putting her through a brutal hazing. Zoe dates a veterinarian and a new patient but is extremely attracted to George, who is engaged to Lemon. Zoe’s estranged stepfather visits BlueBell to operate on George’s father. After, George leaves Lemon at the altar because he is in love with Zoe, only to find out Wade is also interested in Zoe and has finally made his move.

Season 2

After Zoe tries to choose between George and Wade, George begins dating Wade’s ex-wife Tansy. George’s parents do not like Tansy and try to set him up with Zoe. Zoe tries online dating, and then begins officially dating Wade. They break up after Wade is caught with another woman.

Several other BlueBell residents begin romantic relationships. Dr. Brick Breeland dates a woman named Shelby. Brick’s daughter Lemon doesn’t like Shelby because she’s so much younger. Mayor Lavon Hayes begins dating his girlfriend from high school and tries to promote BlueBell as a spring break destination.

Then, a flu epidemic causes Zoe to put BlueBell on lockdown. Zoe invites a reporter from her alumni magazine to BlueBell to write an article about her. Wade and Lemon buy a bar together called the Rammer Jammer, and Lavon and George work together to keep a shopping mall from being built next to a local beach. Zoe ends up spending the night with Wade, and George finds out.

When Zoe has to go to New York for a wedding, she decides to spend the summer there. Wade hears that her flight had to make an emergency landing and chases her down to tell her he loves her. Zoe, unsure of what to do, decides to go to New York anyway.

Season 3

As the season opens, Zoe has decided to stay in New York. She ends up coming back to BlueBell with her new boyfriend Joel to get a reference from Brick. Lavon is the only person in town who is happy to see her. After a difficult few days, Zoe decides to stay in BlueBell with Joel.

She begins seeing patients again at the clinic, and Joel starts doing research for a book he wants to write. He starts spending time with Wade to research the book, and his writing suffers. Zoe is worried and tries to get him to start writing again. Joel and Zoe look for a house and find one that is owned by Dr. Harvey Wilkes’ family. Zoe goes to a birthday party for one of the children in the family and meets her biological father’s relatives.

Zoe and Joel end up buying a house that needs a lot of repairs. Brick says he will help them if Zoe can get people in the town to lose weight. Zoe fails when someone holds a cake sale on the last day of her campaign. A worker gets injured at Zoe and Joel’s house and threatens to sue them. Zoe’s mother makes a surprise visit to BlueBell and helps Joel sell the movie rights to his book. Joel then leaves town to write a screenplay in Hollywood, leaving Zoe behind.

BlueBell acquires a sister city in France and gets visitors. The townspeople also work to stop BlueBell from merging with a neighboring town, and Lavon tries to have BlueBell named a historic town. Wade makes plans to move to Atlanta to expand his bar. Zoe tells him she loves him, and he decides to stay in BlueBell.

What Will Happen Next on Hart of Dixie

Zoe may be pregnant in Season 4 since the actress who portrays her (Rachel Bilson) is actually pregnant. It has also been announced that Dr. Henry Dalton will be introduced as a kind, charming and wealthy new character.

Watch Hart of Dixie online to see all the fun and drama you’ve missed so far and to catch up on what is happening in BlueBell.