Categorized as a combination of supernatural drama, detective fiction and drama, Grimm is a twisted, blended play on old-world fairy tales and modern police procedures.

In the beginning, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is an unsuspecting, day-to-day detective and run-of-the-mill cop for the Portland Police. However, when his Aunt Marie comes to town, claiming only a few days to live, she brings a centuries-old secret—complete with mythical creatures and a travel trailer overflowing with ancient artifacts.

Nick discovers that Aunt Marie (Kate Burton) and he are descendants from a long line of guardians, also known as Grimms. Their jobs are protecting innocents in humanity against fantastical beasts, commonly referred to as Wessen—a German term for creature with the pronunciation “vessin.” Nick begins seeing the true nature of those around him—the Wessen—as their faces transform from the visage of normal humans to horned, clawed, wrinkled and beastly beings.

Some of the Wessen are good, while others are pure evil, and Nick is the one to decide to let these creatures live or end their existences forever. With his girlfriend Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), his police partner and best friend Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and an unexpected Wessen friend named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Nick fights to keep his true identity secret while upholding the law and seeking out the creatures who seek to do harm to humankind.


Fairy Tales for Grimm Episodes

Since the Grimm stories are based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, there is a unique quote before every episode. This quote is taken directly from a story, and alludes to what each episode will be about. For example, the first episode was about a type of werewolf—also known as a Blutbad—that preyed on women with an affinity for the color red. This episode drew inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood.

Meanwhile, Episode 9 of Season 2—La Llorna—delves into Mexican culture and folklore with a fairy tale about a miserable, depressed woman who kidnaps children to drown them in local rivers. Following the draw of streams, La Llorna is lonely, missing the love of her own drowned babies, but her ghost has turned wicked. Racing against time to find the children before the spirit drowns them in her watery grave, Nick asks an Albuquerque detective and local storytelling expert for help, discovering that La Llorna is actually a ghost-like Wessen.

Another example is Episode 8 of Season 3: Twelve Days of Krampus. In this episode, several teenagers begin to go missing, stolen away by a horned devil with cloven feet and a Santa Claus suit. Nick and Hank soon discover that Krampus hails from an old legend about a demonic goat-man that spirits delinquent children away in his sack, before leaving a lump of coal behind. To save the lives of these soon-to-be punished youngsters, the detective pair must use Monroe’s keen wolf-like senses to find the Wessen’s feeding grounds.

You can find these episodes and more when you watch Grimm online anytime.

The Most Important Characters

Nick Burkhardt is, of course, the most important lead character in the series. Before becoming the Grimm, Nick is a homicide detective with amazing senses. When he discovers he comes from the bloodlines of likewise hunters, Nick’s senses begin to sharpen, and he educates himself on the secretive world of Wessen by perusing the books, weapons and potions in his Aunt Marie’s old trailer. As the episodes progress, Nick becomes the ultimate Grimm, an exceptional hunter and detective in one.

Juliette Silverton is a devoted veterinarian as well as Nick’s live-in girlfriend. Until the final episode in the first season, Juliette is oblivious to Wessen, Grimms and anything otherworldly or unnatural. Unfortunately, in Season 2, a horrible witch removes Nick from Juliette’s memory altogether, leaving the Grimm to reteach Juliette about himself, including his secret. After regaining her memories and falling back in love with Nick, she becomes the rock that he needs to stay sane amidst the constantly bad happenings.

Hank Griffin is one of the best friends and confidantes that Nick has, along with being his crime-solving partner in Portland. Up to season 2, Hank has no idea what a Grimm is or that his best buddy is one. However, after seeing a Wessen transform, Hank starts to believe he is going crazy, forcing Nick to save his friend’s mental health by telling him the truth about himself and his ancestors. From there, Hank is the right-hand man and biggest supporter of Nick’s abilities.

Monroe was once a bad Wessen, but his actions took their toll when he was younger. He has since turned into a sweet, open-minded Blutbad with a love of clocks, German history and vegetarianism. Nick meets Monroe in the pilot episode, and their first meeting consists of mistaken identity, as Nick hasn’t yet mastered how to react upon seeing a Wessen. Luckily, Monroe wins him over by helping him find real culprit of that episode. From that point on, Monroe is Nick’s go-to for Wessen knowledge and intellectual conversation.

Other characters of interest throughout the seasons are:

Rosalee Calvert (Bree Turner), a foxy Wessen who tumbles head over heels into love with Monroe. She also runs a spice shop and knows various remedies for sicknesses that ail her kind.

Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee), a grotesque Hexenbiest with a heart as twisted as her true face. She is responsible for putting Juliette into a coma and has her hands in a variety of horrible and selfish plots.

Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), a Zauberbiest and the rightful heir of a royal bloodline. He has been involved with Adalind from the beginning, and they have a child together. He is also the feared but respected chief of the Portland Police Force and Nick’s boss.

Seasons to Come

Grimm is a unique, extraordinary series. Currently, at the end of Season 3, Nick has lost his hunting abilities, thanks to a clever potion devised by Adalind. The season was left on an uncomfortable cliffhanger, and fanatics are eagerly awaiting the next installment. You can watch Grimm online anytime to refresh your memories of past episodes while waiting for the next installment.