Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

With the show in its 11th season, eager fans await the continuing saga of young doctors who try to balance the challenges of medical practice, professional development and their personal lives. Set in a busy, modern hospital in Seattle, the series focuses on the central character, Meredith Grey, and follows a group of fellow residents and interns.

Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy Is Never Predictable

One thing the audience can expect is that the show is never predictable. As the series shows details of the lives connected by the events at Seattle Grace Hospital, sudden revelations and surprising twists occur. Viewers see the individual struggles to overcome difficulties as doctors in training, and there are dramatic encounters with patients of every age, race and background. These patients represent the many ways humans find themselves facing the frailty of life. The audience shares in lessons of hope and the courage needed to make hard decisions. The show also depicts the overall situation of a busy urban hospital including its financial crises, legal dilemmas and hard choices on allocating scarce resources.

Focus on the Personal Side of Medicine

The initial group of characters was a class of interns who later become residents: Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, George O’Malley, Stevens and Cristina Yang. A recurring theme in many early seasons was the mysterious past of Meredith Gray’s mother, a famous and successful surgeon. O’Malley died in an early season event, and the audience viewed the closeness and devastation for the group from the loss.

In later seasons, there were many dramatic scenes of operating tables and the skills that professionals in medicine put forward in the eternal fight with death and disease. The audience sees the great leveling effect of disease and cures; the rich and powerful along with the destitute and poor all hope for the same results, a remission of illness and a chance to go on living. The show presents the human side of medical care for the healers and the sick. Among other important characters are Derek Shepherd, the neurosurgeon, and Miranda Bailey, the intern supervisor. In the early seasons, the interns and residents were caught in a vice grip of pressures in the crucible between patients and medical supervisors at Seattle Grace Hospital.

The stories of each season demonstrate that medicine and healing are tools for human use, but the human spirit is vital to giving and receiving healing. Not every case goes well, and sometimes the results are touching and heartbreaking. The doctors are not immune to anger and violence, and they are sometimes the tragic victims.

Romance in Grey’s Anatomy

Whether fans enjoy the on-air network broadcasts or watch Grey’s Anatomy online, many viewers treasure the show for its romantic entanglements The youthful expression of passions and desires for relationships have been major themes from the inception of the series. The characters play roles of people working closely together under extreme pressures in an all-consuming environment. Naturally, there are pairings and infatuations. Grey’s Anatomy goes deep whether in humor or romance.

Competition at New Levels

As interns and residents, there are constant struggles to stand out and excel. Initially, the fight was for recognition by the senior staff, competition for promotions and prestigious learning assignments. There was a running comedy of competition over patients among the interns and residents. Over the years of the series, as the residents completed their terms, they became full-fledged doctors but never lost the urge to compete. As seasons nine and 10 unfolded, they became owners of the hospital but also competitors as corporate officers.

Season 10 Grey’s Anatomy in Transition

In the most recent season, dramatic changes continued as the doctors, who had earlier become owners of the hospital, faced all the responsibilities that come with ownership. No longer could they simply dedicate effort to a medical institution and the day-to-day work of healing and saving lives; they must also contend with problems and the competition inspired by wealth and power. A legendary character, Dr. Yang, left the show at the end of season 10. She was one of the constants of the series for the 10 past seasons. With her gone, the challenge of governing the institution took on a new life as a fight began to brew for the key role of Chair. The lives of the doctors and staff find a challenge in yet another arena: corporate control and power.

Grey’s Anatomy Comes Home

The upcoming season promises many more dramatic twists as the Board of Directors becomes a battleground and more mysteries from Meredith’s family history come to the surface. Key members of the staff face decisions about career and relocation to other parts of the United States.

The show began 10 seasons ago with the entry of Meredith Grey into the new and challenging environment of the Seattle Grace Hospital. Now, the focus runs back to Meredith. As loyal viewers or even those who occasionally watch Grey’s Anatomy online know, things have a way of coming full-circle. Once an intern, Meredith must now lead the hospital and engage fellow doctors, residents and staff as both a healer and a business woman. To her colleagues, she is a professional leader, deeply involved in the health of her patients and the condition of the entire hospital.