Before there was Batman, before the Joker or any of the supervillains we have come to know, there was Gotham and a rookie detective named Jim Gordon.When you watch Gotham online, you can follow Jim Gordon’s rise through the ranks, iconic villains before they donned their masks and the origins of Gotham’s Dark Knight.

Gotham Episode One: Pilot

When socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered in front of their son, Bruce (David Mazouz), an idealistic rookie cop named James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his cynical partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) are assigned to investigate. They’re forced to kill their prime suspect, Mario Pepper, when he tries to kill Gordon, but Gordon later learns that Pepper was framed.

Encounters with the henchman of femme fatale mobstress Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and her boss Carmine Falcone (John Doman) reveal corruption in Gotham’s government. They order Gordon to kill a snitch named Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), a creative re-imagining of future villain Penguin. Instead, Oswald warns Gordon of a coming war in Gotham, and Gordon fakes Oswald’s death. Gordon entrusts Bruce with the secret of Pepper’s innocence.


Episode Two: Selina Kyle

Anxious to address the issue of Gotham’s street kids, Mayor Aubrey James announces a plan to find foster homes for them. A trafficker called The Dollmaker sends men to hijack the bus collecting the kids. Gordon and Bullock are assigned to investigate.

Gordon follows a lead to the Trident International Shipping Company, and he and Bullock arrive in time to catch the lead kidnappers. The kids are taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, but a street girl named Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) tells Gordon that she has information on the Wayne murders.

Episode Three: The Balloonman

Oswald returns to Gotham just as a vigilante known as The Balloonman is killing corrupt public figures. While Gordon and his partner investigate, Gordon brings Selina to the precinct to discuss the Wayne murders. Selina reveals that she saw the killer’s face but slips away while Gordon is distracted.

Fish Mooney is visited by major crime detectives Montoya and Allen and claims that Gordon killed Oswald. Oswald gets a job at a restaurant kitchen to spy on mob boss Sal Maroni. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock identify a child services worker named Davis LaMon as The Balloonman. They track him to an abandoned building where he is apprehended. Oswald shows up at Gordon’s door when he arrives home.

Episode Four: Arkham

Oswald tells Gordon that the coming war will be over the Arkham district, an exciting teaser for Batman fans familiar with Arkham. The sparks begin when a hit man murders a city councilman. Gordon and Bullock suspect the murder is linked to Arkham’s development.

At Wayne Manor, Gordon learns that Falcone backs one plan for the district, originally conceived by Bruce’s parents, while Maroni backs another. The first man killed supported Falcone. However, a councilman that supported Maroni is killed as well. Gordon and Bullock manage to track the hit man, whose true identity remains unknown, and identify the mayor as the next victim. The hit man is shot by Bullock and Gordon just in time.

The mayor tries to diffuse the mob war by giving both Falcone and Maroni a piece of the Arkham Project, raising Bruce Wayne’s suspicions about Wayne Enterprises. Oswald murders his way to promotion as restaurant manager, and Mooney chooses a girl to train as a “weapon” in the mob wars.

Episode Five: Viper

A euphoric drug called Viper finds its way onto the city streets, giving people superhuman strength but eventually killing them. Forensics specialist Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) pegs WellZyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, as the manufacturer. WellZyn identifies Stan Potolsky, a disgruntled former employee, as the distributor. Gordon and Bullock learn that Potolsky is trying to draw attention to WellZyn’s grotesque bio-weapon program.

Oswald, who has earned the nickname “Penguin,” reveals his true identity to Maroni in a bid to build trust. Mooney sends her “weapon” to subtly seduce Falcone.

Gordon and Bullock learn that Viper will be dispersed at a charity event. Gordon stops it by shooting the drug canister, killing Potolsky. Just before his death, Potolsky tells the detectives to check a warehouse, but Wayne Enterprises has already removed all incriminating evidence. Bruce and his butler, Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) start seriously investigating the company.

Episode Six: Spirit of the Goat

The episode flashes back ten years to a time when a man calling himself Spirit of the Goat murdered the children of Gotham’s elite. A young Bullock tried and failed to save a victim, and his partner Dix was injured. Bullock gunned down the killer.

In the present day, a new killer takes up the Goat’s mantle and knows unreleased details of the original crimes. With Dix’s input, Bullock and Gordon subdue the second Goat and save his potential victim. Bullock links the two seemingly unrelated Goats to a nefarious hypnotist and arrests her.

Montoya and Allen find a witness to Oswald’s “murder” and arrest Gordon and Bullock. Oswald waltzes into the station to stop it.

Episode Seven: Penguin’s Umbrella

Bullock, who didn’t know that Oswald was still alive, fights with Gordon over turning them both into mob targets. Falcone sends a man to bring Gordon in alive. Gordon is injured in a station shootout only to be rescued by Montoya and Allen.

Regrouping at Wayne Manor, Gordon tells Bruce that he suspects the mob played a part in the Wayne murders. Bullock returns to side with Gordon, and together they try to arrest Falcone. Falcone threatens to kill Gordon’s girlfriend, Barbara, but lets everyone go, stating that one day soon, they will realize that he isn’t their true enemy.

Oswald murders his way into another promotion, this time to be Maroni’s right-hand man. A flashback reveals that Oswald has been an informant for Falcone all along, and in the present, Falcone is pleased that everything is going according to Oswald’s brilliant scheme.

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