Family Guy Season 1

Family Guy

Family Guy follows the weekly misadventures of the Griffin family as they cope with their patriarch’s incomprehensible blunders. In the manner of many family comedies, the corpulent but adorable Peter Griffin is married to a beautiful and intelligent woman that most would consider way out of his league. Peter’s wife Lois is the glue that holds the Griffin family together despite many flaws. She is nearly the perfect woman, aside from a small gambling habit. Chris Griffin, their eldest son, takes after his father in many ways while their daughter Meg is nothing like her mother. Unloved and unappreciated, she is a bit of a cutter. Stewie, the adorable baby, is an evil genius with a closet full of doomsday devices that the League of Doom would find enviable. He spends most of his time having wacky adventures with the family dog and plotting his mother’s untimely death. The family dog Brian has the miraculous ability to speak. Too bad he only uses his amazing gift to hit on women and push the liberal agenda to its limits.