When Dads premiered in 2013, it was hard to tell whether it was going to be a success. The two main characters in this show are played by Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, who have quite the resume in both TV and film. Giovanni Ribisi is a versatile actor that has had supporting roles in movies of all genres, but he did have some primetime TV experience from when he played Phoebe’s brother on “Friends.” Giovanni’s co-star, Seth Green, has been acting since childhood and has not only starred in numerous TV shows, movies and voiced Chris on Family Guy but also writes and produces as well. You may think that this is just another typical sitcom on FOX, but these two amazing actors help carry the show and make it surprisingly hilarious.

Dads is about two life-long friends, Eli and Warner, who have taken their love for video games and become business partners by starting their own gaming company. One of them is married with children, while the other is an eligible bachelor, and they both seem to be living pretty fulfilled lives. In the first episode, you meet their dads and after a series of events they end up letting their dads move in with them. Both of them have a different background with their fathers and deal with different issues once the dads move in, but Eli and Warner share similar experiences with being middle-aged men that just had their fathers become their new roommates.


The Sons


Eli is played by Seth Green, who has been acting since his childhood. Some of the more popular movies and TV shows he was in when he was younger are Can’t Hardly Wait, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Austin Powers trilogy. Although he did gain some popularity from his role in the Austin Powers series, he became more well-known when he began voicing Family Guy’s Chris Griffin. He then began to branch out and started writing for his own new show, Robot Chicken. Green is a geek and has no problem hiding it, so his character on Dads fits him perfectly.

Eli is the eligible bachelor that is funny, quick-witted and kind of a womanizer. He has his own loft that he uses to bring random women to and is utterly terrified of any type of commitment. When his father David moves in with him, you begin to see why Eli is the way he is. Eli blames most of his problems on his father and has self-diagnosed many of his character defects, each of which can be directly related to his father not being around. Although he gets into fights with David quite often, their relationship grows throughout the season.


Giovanni Ribisi has starred in many different films and TV shows. Ribisi is a true acting talent because no matter how different his roles are, he manages to sell the character he’s playing perfectly. There are many actors and actresses in Hollywood who we see playing the same type of person in each role that they’re cast for, but whenever Ribisi gets a new part you are never quite sure what the character will be like. Giovanni has played the rebellious younger brother in Gone in 60 Seconds, Phoebe’s “slow” brother on the hit TV show friends and a business tycoon in Avatar. You can’t help but focus on him whenever he’s in any scene, no matter what role he’s playing.

In Dads, Ribisi plays Eli’s childhood best friend Warner. Warner is the more mature family man with a beautiful wife and kids, but is always there for Eli when he needs to be. Aside from the non-stop comedic interactions that happen between Eli and Warner, some of the funniest scenes happen between him and his wife. Warner clearly struck gold when he landed his gorgeous wife, but always tries to play the dominate male role in the relationship. Each time he tries this, it’s clear that his wife is the one who wears the pants.

The Dads


David is Eli’s father who is played by Peter Riegert. When David stumbles back into Eli’s life, he has no problem making himself at home. He’s extremely outspoken in every situation, and this causes much conflict between Eli’s housekeeper and himself. Even though he agrees to marry her in one of the episodes to help avoid her getting deported. Once you get to know David, you can see that Eli’s womanizing traits have been passed down by his father. David is always looking for a new woman, but that only happens when he’s not busy lounging around the loft in his underwear all day.


The hilarious Martin Mull plays Crawford Whittemore, Warner’s father. He too ends up moving in with his son, only this situation is much different than Eli’s because Warner’s wife has to deal with the father as well. Crawford is a delusional man who believes he’s savvy when it comes to all things business and always knows how to make the best deals. The reality of the situation is that the only businessman-like feature about Crawford is that he carries around a briefcase wherever he goes, which is usually just holding his lunch. Crawford is extremely cheap, inconsiderate and loves to drink. This sometimes causes small fights between Warner and his wife, Camilla, only to have Crawford attempt to dissolve the situation.

If you like comedy, video games and the relationship between middle-aged men and their fathers, then this is the perfect show for you. Dads is a show that has surprise laughs in every episode. You’ll never be sorry for tuning in. To find out more about this extremely hilarious FOX show, be sure to watch Dads online.