CSI: NY is a series about the forensics team investigating serious crimes in the city of New York. They use scientific techniques and police procedures to find justice for the victims. Both crime scenes and suspects are found in many of the boroughs of the New York metropolitan area. It is the third series in the franchise that began with the Las Vegas-based CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI: NY ran for nine seasons from late 2004 until early 2013. The leader of the team, Detective Mac Taylor, first appeared in an episode of the second season of CSI: Miami. His team was introduced as they investigated a New York resident suspected of a crime that took place in Miami. A great way for you to get the whole story of the team without interruption is to watch CSI: NY online.




Some of the crimes investigated by the CSI: NY team are crimes that can occur just about anywhere. Some examples are drug deals going bad, bodies discovered by innocent passersby, bomb threats in public buildings and hit-and-run accidents. These are given an original flair with the addition of the recognizable New York skyline and backdrop.

A large number of investigations deal with crimes that would be unique to New York. These include murdered victims found on subway tracks, mounted officers patrolling Central Park being shot from a high-rise building, a skeleton found on a Times Square tour bus, bodies falling from bridges and rats eating the bullet from inside a corpse. One serial killer highlights a feature of the city itself for their crimes. A series of pictures are found that highlight the periodic glow of a sunrise perfectly shining down the straight streets of New York. Another uses a modified cab to capture and kill their victims. Media reports of the investigation lead to panic in the streets and attacks on taxi drivers not connected to the crimes. There is even an elaborate attack on the crime lab itself in order for a drug dealer to regain some of his product from the evidence locker.

CSI: NY Team

The show doesn’t focus solely on the crimes and investigations that take place in New York. The people who make up the lab team also have their own lives that develop over the run of the series. Members of the lab fall in and out of love with each other and citizens outside the police department. On a couple occasions, the past of one person or another comes back to haunt them and the team at large.

With the exception of time for a couple brief leaves of absence, Detective Mac Taylor leads the investigative team for all nine seasons of the series. Played by Gary Sinise, he is a former Marine who grew up in Chicago. His wife was killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Since then, he has dated and formed other relationships. However, his job remains his main focus and comes before a social life.

Another Detective on the team, Danny Messer, comes from a rough life associating with an arm of the Italian mob. He is played by actor Carmine Giovinazzo. Danny’s brother is later found dead while trying to protect the rest of the family from the actions of the mob. Danny meets another employee of the lab, Lindsay Monroe, and they develop a relationship. The two are eventually married and have a daughter together. They are threatened in their home by a fugitive Danny had faced down a number of times before. Lindsay is given a medal for shooting the man in their home to protect Danny and their daughter. The sixth season started with Danny in a wheelchair after a drive-by shooting injured him at the end of the fifth season. He continues to work in the lab while healing and gradually regaining his ability to walk.

Hill Harper plays an intelligent man who moves from the morgue to the lab. Sheldon Hawkes started in the Medical Examiner’s office after several years as a surgeon in the emergency room. His knowledge and talents are called upon in the lab, in the morgue and in the field. He is very capable at his job but doesn’t get promoted to the level of detective.

The liaison between the lab and police department is Detective Don Flack, performed by Eddie Cahill. He is from a long line of law enforcement employees. He is a good friend of Danny Messer and develops a relationship with lab technician Detective Jessica Angell. Unfortunately, Detective Angell is killed in the line of duty. This leads to a particularly rough period of time for Detective Flack.

Detective Stella Bonasera is the second-in-command of the lab under Detective Taylor. She grew up in foster care after some time in an orphanage. Her lack of a biological family leads her to adopt the lab team and use them to fill in the missing parts of her life. One case causes problems with connections to her Greek ancestry and one of her favorite professors. Stella left the team at the end of the sixth season when actress Melina Kanakaredes decided not to renew her contract.


When you watch CSI: NY online, you can look forward to mysteries being solved with a touch of drama. The lab team uses advanced technologies, forensic skills and some educated deductive reasoning to track down the persons responsible for everything from assaults to serial murders. All of this occurs amidst the hustle of New York and its broad variety of citizens. If you are a fan of the other shows in the franchise, you can also catch those teams in some of the crossover episodes throughout the series.