CSI: Miami

CSI Miami

The award-winning CSI: Miami is Jerry Bruckheimer’s nod to a talented team of crime scene investigators who solve gruesome murders with a critical mix of hard-hitting heroism and deductive reasoning. From Horatio Caine, a a former NYPD detective, to Calleigh Duquesne, the beautiful bilingual Southern belle whose specialty is ballistics, to the underwater expert Eric Delko and Alexx Woods, the brilliant but sassy coroner, this team follows the clues the same way Dorothy followed that yellow brick road. If you missed the action or want to see it again, you can watch CSI: Miami online.

CSI: Miami


Cast of CSI: Miami

David Caruso stars as Lt. Horatio Caine, Emily Procter as Det. Calleigh Duquesne, Adam Rodriguez as Det. Eric Delko, Jonathan Togo as Det. Ryan Wolfe and Khandi Alexander as Dr. Alexx Woods along with recurring characters and special guest appearances.

Season 1

The first season starts off with a bang in Golden Parachute as the team investigates a plane crash in a Florida swamp. Other episodes find them dealing with a man’s torso inside a shark, a sniper in downtown Miami and 16 deaths that turn out to be arson. A prison yard murder and escape by helicopter of three inmates intent on murder brings this exciting season to a close.

Season 2

The excitement of CSI: Miami continues with a murdered model, a treasure hunter pinned like a fly to the wall of his boat, murder during a hurricane and, in Bait, a woman killed by a shark, except the woman was shot first. An undercover cop is suspected of murder, except he was already dead when it happened, and the season ends when a porn star is strangled, and the CEO of the film company turns out to be a registered sex offender.

Season 3

The action continues with an empty yacht with a body onboard, a woman who is intentionally shoved in front of a bus, a bank robbery planned to be executed during a tsunami and a gang shootout in a hospital. If that isn’t enough, a woman is swallowed by a snake, and the team races to recheck evidence about an axe murderer on stay of execution. At the same time, two new murders like the originals have just occurred.

Season 4

This season begins with a blockbuster show about a murdered drug dealer and the rape of a housekeeper pregnant with her employer’s baby. How the two separate crimes link together starts the show’s action. The crew looks at the disappearance of a handsome pool boy just as three suburban housewives visit Miami. An heiress becomes electrocuted by her bathtub, and the season concludes as one of the team’s own is killed, and the Feds take over the investigation.

Season 5

The fifth season opens in exotic Rio de Janeiro as Horatio and Eric try to find the man responsible for Marisol’s death. In “If Looks Could Kill,” the team is caught up in the world of fashion as two male models are murdered. In “Curse of the Coffin,” voodoo and lab accidents undo the team’s cool — almost. In the finale, a serial killer with a penchant for swiping a Y on his victims’ chests coupled with danger for the crew makes everyone unnerved.

Season 6

The season’s action starts when Horatio discovers an unknown son while he is investigating a probation officer’s death. The team investigates a suicide pact, the strangling of a man during an eclipse and the murder by electrocution of a model on the runway. The crew goes after a man targeting Internet predators, and the season ends with a shootout between a sniper and the Miami police.

Season 7

The excitement begins with the search for the individual who shot Horatio at the airport. In later episodes, a man is set on fire, bodies are found in the Everglades with evidence of cannibalism, and a baby is kidnapped from a restaurant in “Gone Baby Gone.” Toward the end of the season, a man boils alive in a swimming pool, and a poisoned Russian mobster escapes.

Season 8

This season begins with a continuation of the previous finale. Miami suffers a lethal outbreak, poisonous jellyfish are used as a murder weapon, and in “Miami We Have a Problem,” a body from a private spaceflight falls from the sky. In the final episodes, Horatio’s old girlfriend dies in an explosion, and the team tracks down a serial killer.

Season 9

The last season’s cliffhanger finale continues when gas is released into MDPD headquarters. While most of the crew recovers from a brief trip in snoozeland, Jesse does not. The team spends the opener trying to nail Starling for his murder; with the help of a graduate student, they do. “In Law and Disorder,” Calleigh must think about something that will affect her relationship with Eric while Horatio encounters an old enemy.

Season 10

The final season of CSI: Miami ramps up with a tornado that hampers an investigation, the search for a sadist, a body hanging in an empty mansion that was apparently killed by a vampire and a murdered skydiver with 103 children, any one of whom might have killed him. A rabid dog trained to murder kills the wrong man, and a journalist is murdered during her investigation of a local councilman.

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