CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a show that started in 2000 on the CBS network. It is still a favorite show among many people who enjoy watching crimes solved in an hour or who have followed the characters from day one. Many of the original cast members are still on the show. It is still bringing the mystery and drama of discovering how someone died to the living room. The members of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation team work with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. A variety of forensic evidence is used in each show to solve crimes. This evidence includes fingerprints, blood samples and gun residue. Catherine Willows is one of the first members of the CSI team.


Who Are You? The Team of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

She now comes on the show as a guest when things get difficult for the rest of the team. Willows worked with Grissom until she became supervisor. Gil Grissom is another of the main characters who now enters the show as a guest. He was the supervisor on the night shift when CSI: Crime Scene Investigation started. However, his team was divided at one point in the series. This led to a great deal of conflict. He demanded that his team be put back together.

Warrick Brown had issues with gambling through the series. There were times when his addiction got the better of him, interfering in some of the cases that he was working on solving. If it were not for the friendship and leadership of Grissom, Brown would have been fired. Grissom was a huge help to Brown while he was on the team. Brown got married and divorced within two seasons, and he was killed off of the show at the beginning of the ninth season. Jim Brass is the captain who has been on the show since day one. He is the one who arrests those who are suspected and found to be guilty of the crimes. Brass is also part of the legal hub of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation team.

Sara Sidle is one of the original members who most people enjoy watching. She has the attitude of a crime scene investigator who wants to get the job done. She wants to see justice served. Her job on the team is a materials analyst. She examines a great deal of the evidence that comes into the lab along with Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders. It was thought at one time that there was a romance developing between Sidle and Grissom. There are hints through later seasons that she will come back to the show after leaving for an intense investigation. Sidle and Grissom do return to the show and tell everyone that they are married. Nick Stokes is one of the emotional members of the team, thoughts of suicide have crossed his mind. One episode centered around him being attacked, killing the person who shot him. Once a night supervisor, he was demoted after events cost him his lead job. Dr. Albert Robbins is the coroner who makes the most sense out of all of the deaths. One thing that viewers might not know is that the doctor has two prosthetic legs. Other members of the team who are now on the show include D.B. Russell, Julie Finlay and David Hodges.

Solving A Crime

The first episode was titled Who Are You? This was the show that got everyone wondering what crime scene analysts really do in the lab and what it takes to solve a murder. Evidence is gathered at the scene of every crime ranging from robberies that go wrong to a child pushing a step-parent down a flight of stairs. There have been people buried in shallow graves in the woods and a victim wearing animal suits that have been shot by hunters who mistake the person for a large animal. One of the mesmerizing plot sequences involved a miniature dollhouse killer. This killer would make a design of the murder scene as it would take place and send it to Grissom. This is what helped solve the case as the killer started getting careless in his scenes.

One episode was a turning point for the team in the early stages of the show. Stokes was kidnapped while he was investigating a crime scene. He was buried in a clear coffin. The entire team pulled together in order to find Stokes while he was covered and bitten by fire ants. Grissom’s team was divided, and by the end of the episode, the head of the unit saw that the team worked best together instead of apart.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a show that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, especially when a murder doesn’t look like it can be solved. Jim Brass is a person who holds the team together. He is soft spoken, but he knows the legal world and can get a warrant issued in a matter of what seems like minutes. From the toxicology reports to the blood evidence that is collected, there is a new case to be solved each week. New technology is being introduced on the show and there are more twists and turns around every corner as you watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation online.