This 13-episode series centers on the investigation to find the missing children of several high-powered families. Check out our guide to the show, then watch Crisis online.



The Story

Ballard High School is a private institution where the sons and daughters of diplomats, politicians and heads of industry are afforded the best education money can buy. Even the son of the president attends. Security and privacy are a premium.

The Crisis begins when a group of these teenagers are on a bus headed out for a school trip, and their vehicle is ambushed. Everyone on board is kidnapped. What’s most shocking is that the kidnapping was an inside job – there’s no other explanation when Secret Service are escorting the bus. It’s Marcus Finley’s first day guarding the president’s son, and he’s bound and determined it won’t be his last. Finely manages to rescue one of the kids aboard the bus and makes it his personal mission to uncover the mystery behind the abductions, even though just about everyone else considers him a suspect.

FBI Special Agent Susie Dunn discovers her niece was also aboard the bus after being assigned the case. Though she initially has her doubts, she partners up with Finley in an effort to uncover a massive conspiracy, not knowing who else she can trust. In an effort to demonstrate that she does trust him, she eventually reveals to him that her “niece” is really her daughter. A young mother, she gave up her daughter so her older sister could give her a better life.

The teens and their chaperones spend the days of the kidnapping locked in a mansion, not allowed to congregate in large groups. They’re kept busy sorting clothes to wear, dividing up food, and frequently tested to ensure they won’t attempt to get away. Some of the children are taken away, allowed to go home, as the kidnappers blackmail their parents into committing unspeakable acts.

Parents of the children, all in positions of power, each receive information and photographs of their children as the series goes on. They are convinced to steal, to lie to the government, even to kill people, with the promise of getting their children back. There isn’t a single parent who doesn’t comply with the kidnapper’s demands, convinced that they can get their kids back when the FBI cannot.

Little do the parents and the FBI know, one of the chaperones, and the father of one of the kidnap victims, is the man pulling all the strings. He has extensively planned his operation after being disgraced by the CIA. His plan, he believes, will get his daughter to admire him once more, paint him as a hero. All he has to do is expose enough government secrets without getting caught.

Crisis Characters

Marcus Finley – Portrayed by Lance Gross, Finley is a rookie Secret Service agent. He’s always wanted to help his country, but he never thought his job would entail keeping an eye on the President’s son. He takes his job very seriously, but his assigned partner betrays him and is in on the kidnapping. Finley will stop at nothing to get the kids back and clear the names of the people who have been forced into cooperating with the kidnappers.

Susie Dunn – Portrayed by Rachael Taylor, Dunn has worked her way out of a troubled past to make a name for herself in the FBI. She is very stubborn, and willing to break the rules if she has to in order to get to the truth of the situation. She doesn’t trust easily, and that includes her sister, who comes to her for help when it is revealed that her daughter was one of the students on the bus.

Francis Gibson – Portrayed by Dermot Mulroney, Gibson has had a rough go of it. He lost his job as a CIA analyst when he was left to take the fall for an operation that didn’t go as planned. He became obsessed with the betrayal, and as a result, his marriage crumbled and his daughter distanced herself from him. Very detail oriented, he uses the massive abduction as the crux of a series of plans to make himself the hero. He recruits people from various branches of the government to help him, some with blackmail, others with assurances that they’re doing the right thing. His back up plans have back up plans, and he’s so committed to his plan that he makes his own daughter and her best friend some of his primary victims.

Meg Fitch – Portrayed by Gillian Anderson, Meg is the CEO of an international IT company that frequently takes on government contracts. She’s at the heart of several of the secrets that Francis wants to expose. Meg isn’t as soft as many of the other parents that he blackmails, and is quick to lie to her own sister about what kind of information the kidnappers left her with She’s willing to get her hands dirty to get to the people who have her daughter.

Beth Ann Gibson – Portrayed by Stevie Lynn Jones, Beth Ann didn’t even want her father to chaperone this field trip. Their relationship has become so strained that she doesn’t even want to be seen in public with him. She frequently fights back against the kidnappers, and while confined, forms a friendship with Amber and a relationship with Kyle, the son of the president.

Amber Fitch – Portrayed by Halston Sage, Amber is seen as more valuable to Francis and his team than anyone else. He uses his knowledge of her romantic relationship with one of her teachers to his advantage, and his team uses knowledge of classmate’s crushes on her to pit them against one another. She’s also used to blackmail Meg multiple times, though she is never released when Meg’s tasks are complete.