A crime drama set in New York City, the first episode of Castle aired on ABC in 2009. Mystery novelist Richard Castle becomes a regular consultant for the NYPD after they question him about a crime that is similar to a murder in one of his books. He works closely with Homicide Detective Kate Beckett. Richard has been divorced twice, and he shares an apartment with his mother Martha and his teenage daughter Alexis, who sometimes offer insight into crimes that Richard and Kate solve together. You can watch Castle online if you miss an episode and read the summaries below to catch up before the new season starts.


Castle Season 1

Detective Kate Beckett is called to a murder scene and realizes she has read about a similar murder in a mystery novel by Richard Castle. Kate interrogates Richard about the murder and his books. He tries unsuccessfully to flirt with her during the interrogation. Kate thinks the clue to this murder will be found in his books. Richard offers to help catch the killer, and Kate’s boss agrees. Kate and Richard catch the killer, and Richard decides he wants to use Kate as a model for the heroine in his new mystery series. He competes for Kate’s attention with one of her ex-boyfriends. Richard finds new information about the murder of Kate’s mother and intends to keep it from Kate because she had told him that she would no longer work with him if he ever looked into her mother’s case. The season ends when he tells her he has information about her mother.

Season 2

Kate is angry at Richard when she finds out he looked into her mother’s murder. They start working together again after a murder victim is found in a tree and the body is stolen while it is being transported to the coroner’s office. Richard’s first book in his new series is released and receives positive reviews. A former girlfriend of Richard’s is involved in a murder case. Kate is jealous and realizes she might be interested in Richard. Kate finds the assassin who was hired to kill her mother. The assassin takes Richard hostage, and Kate shoots him before she finds out who hired him. Richard and Kate are linked romantically in a newspaper article. They are struggling with their mutual attraction at the end of this season.

Season 3

The detective who worked on Kate’s mother case is murdered. An assassin who had information about the murder escapes from custody, and the police captain who is Kate’s boss leaves information about the murder for her and is then killed. Kate is shot, and Richard tells her he loves her.

Season 4

Kate takes three months to recover from being shot. The new police captain does not want Richard around. Richard tries to find out who shot Kate, who works on the case and is later suspended from the police force for withholding information about the case. She resigns, and she and Richard finally submit to their mutual attraction.

Season 5

The season opens with Richard and Kate waking up together in his apartment. Kate is reinstated on the police force. Richard and Kate find a body in a swimming pool when they go away for a romantic weekend. Richard is arrested for murder and breaks out of prison to find the killer. After the murderer is caught and all is settled, Kate moves in with Richard while she is having work done on her home. Richard’s daughter is kidnapped and taken to Europe, but Richard rescues her. A spy known as Jackson Hunt reveals himself as Richard’s father. Kate is offered a job with the Attorney General’s office in Washington, D.C. She accepts the job offer, and Richard asks her to marry him.

Season 6

Kate accepts Richard’s proposal and begins her new job in D.C. Richard is exposed to a deadly toxin and has less than 24 hours to live. Kate and her new partner work to save him and prevent others from being exposed. Richard’s father becomes a suspect in a murder. Kate secretly investigates the senator who ordered her mother’s murder. He is arrested, and Kate and Richard start planning their wedding. Kate finds out she is still legally married to her college boyfriend. She searches for him while Richard attends to the wedding details. The couple’s wedding venue burns down, so they decide to have the wedding at Richard’s house in the Hamptons. Kate finds her former boyfriend, and he is abducted before he can sign the divorce papers. She rescues him and he signs the papers. Everyone shows up for the wedding except the groom. Kate is then called to an accident scene where she finds Richard’s car on fire in a ravine.

What Will Happen Next on Castle?

The first episode of Season 7 is scheduled to air in September 2014. Questions about what happened to Richard will be answered in the first few episodes of the season.
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