Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is one of the funniest new adult-oriented cartoons on television. It also won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2014. Created by Loren Bouchard, creator of Home Movies, he brings his comedian friend H. Jon Benjamin to voice the main character Bob. Even though most people know him as the voice of Archer, he gives Bob a completely different attitude than that of Sterling Archer.

The series revolves around Bob and Linda Belcher, who own a hamburger restaurant. Their children, Tina (13), Gene (11) and Louise (9), also work at Bob’s Burgers. The restaurant is constantly struggling, and is usually dependent on foot traffic from the neighboring amusement park at the end of their street. Conveniently located across the street is Bob’s mortal enemy, Jimmy Pesto. Jimmy owns a pizzeria, and he is always seen getting much more business than Bob. Unfortunately, Bob’s restaurant has a tendency to have a lot of random accidents happen to it. In the intro to the cartoon, it is seen that a pole falls into the restaurant, the building catches fire and it has a rat infestation. Luckily, Bob has a few regular customers that keep his place afloat. Teddy, a handy man, and Mort, who owns the funeral home located right next to Bob frequent the restaurant on a daily basis. Bob’s Burgers episodes typically revolve around the restaurant, but also occasionally dive deeper into the lives of both the parents and the children.

Bob’s Burgers


The Belchers of Bob’s Burgers

Bob and Linda are both loose parents, and can be perceived as modern. The children are all very different from each other but are typically always together and extremely close.

Bob Belcher
As the protagonist of the show, Bob is the owner of the restaurant. In the third season, it is revealed that Bob worked in his father’s hamburger restaurant, and that he didn’t have many friends due to his father always making him work. You can definitely see how Bob’s childhood loneliness manifested into making inanimate objects talk to him, mainly his food. Overall, Bob is mellow and you can see that he loves what he does. He is always coming up with new ideas for burgers and giving them hilarious and witty names such as: Do you Bay Leaf in Magic, She’s a Super Leek, Pepper Don’t Breach and Last of the Mo-Jicama Burger. Bob is very close with his wife, Linda, who is extremely supportive of him. At times, Bob can be perceived as not being too close to his children, but in certain episodes you can see the fondness the kids have for him even though they rarely ever listen to him.

Linda Belcher
Linda is Bob’s wife and the mother of Tina, Gene and Louise. Linda has a very can-do spirit and is extremely enthusiastic in everything that she does. She is always encouraging Bob when he is down and trying to help him come up with new marketing ideas for the restaurant. Linda is also a pushover when it comes to her children, and is constantly being talked into doing their homework and projects. Always singing, Linda has a love for dinner theater, in which she even converts the restaurant into a murder mystery dinner theater in the first season.
Linda also has an unstable sister named Gayle, voiced by the hilarious Megan Mullally, who she is constantly trying to include in their family outings. Linda also encourages Gayle’s unstable life style by letting her bring her cats when she comes to visit, allowing her to hang her unusual animal anus artwork and letting Gayle believe that she was having an affair with Bob. Linda is most definitely the glue of the family. She even flashed a live studio audience in order to distract television viewers from a physical fight between Bob and Gene, as seen in the second season finale “Beefsquatch.”

Tina Belcher
Tina is probably the most popular character of the show, which is ironic because Tina is often made fun of for lacking any kind of personality. Tina is awkward, even though she doesn’t realize this. Obsessed with zombie erotica and her crush, Jimmy Jr’s, butt, Tina’s awkward sexuality gives the show great comic relief. Even though she is the oldest of the Belcher children, she is easily manipulated and is constantly being told what to do by the youngest child, Louise.

Gene Belcher
Gene is the middle child of the Belcher family. He is very different from the rest of his family, and is definitely marching to the beat of his own keyboard that he is constantly playing. Gene also physically takes after his father, which makes a great episode in the third season when Gene dresses and acts exactly like his father which sends Bob in a rage. Gene also has his mother’s jovial attitude and loves to perform as well. Gene’s only friends are his siblings and his parents, which he is perfectly content with.

Louise Belcher
Louise is easily another fan favorite. As the youngest of the Belcher children, she is definitely the brains behind all the hijinks and leader of their gang. Louise is often seen manipulating people in order to create chaos around her, both at the restaurant and at school. Louise loves to play pranks on her father, and her favorite is changing the names of the burger of the days; she first does this in the show premier where she changes the burger from “New Bacon-ings” to “The Child Molester-comes with candy.” Louise is never seen without her bunny ears, and although quite mischievous and intelligent, she still displays signs of her actual age from time to time. Linda is always trying to get close with Louise, but throughout the show it is shown that Louise is closest with her father Bob. She even claims that she will take over the restaurant after she puts him in a home.

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