Betrayal is a television drama series that first aired in September 2013 on ABC. It was developed by David Zabel and is based off the Dutch drama series known as “Overspel.” The series begins with Sara Hanley, played by Hannah Ware, a photographer who begins having an affair with Jack McAllister, played by Stuart Townsend, who is a lawyer for a very powerful family. Both Jack and Sara are married to other people but find themselves drawn to each other. As they struggle with their feelings and their guilt caused by the affair, their families each begin to face the real consequences of the surrounding lies and murder trial. Watch Betrayal online to catch up on the series now.


The Betrayal Pilot

In the pilot episode of Betrayal, two lovers’ worlds begin to collide, beginning a compelling story about love, loyalty, sex and lies. One day, Sara Hanley and Jack McAllister meet each other, which leads to an undeniable attraction between the two. Sara’s husband Drew is a successful prosecutor, and together they have a 7-year-old son named Oliver. Although Sara does not know, Jack is in-house counsel to a very powerful but shady entrepreneur by the name of Thatcher Karsten. In fact, Jack is married to Thatcher’s daughter, Elaine. After meeting, both Sara and Jack realize that they are each lacking something in their marriages but try to fight the feelings that they may have met their soul mate in one another. As Sara and Jack begin to develop feelings for each other and struggle with their guilt and betrayal, Thatcher’s brother-in-law, Lou, ends up being murdered. All evidence points to Thatcher’s mentally ill son T.J. committing the murder. Sara is then swept into the middle when Drew ends up being the prosecuting attorney in this case and Jack is the defense lawyer. Now these lovers find themselves on opposite ends of a murder trial.

Complete Series Synopsis

After the series premier, we are left wondering if Sara is going to continue forming a relationship with Jack. Sara can’t seem to stop thinking about him, but although the affair keeps drawing her in, she also works to strengthen her marriage and the bond with her family. In turns out that Jack is also thinking about Sara, becoming distracted even while working. An investigation begins on T.J. and Lou’s murder case, which keeps Jack very busy with his work. Jack goes to meet Drew at his office to see if they can eliminate T.J. from the possible suspects. Sara then walks into the office, which surprises Jack and leaves him in a tizzy. At Lou’s memorial service, Thatcher tells Elaine that it’s really him they’re after.

After standing up Jack to spend time with her family, Sara has hot fantasies about the affair that she simply cannot resist. Drew continues to try to get to the bottom of Lou’s murder while Thatcher lets Jack in on his guilt surrounding the car accident that T.J. was in years ago. Throughout the season, Drew begins to wonder where Sara has been spending a lot of her time, but we are left unsure about whether or not he knows about the affair with Jack. Sara and Jack continue to have secret rendezvous, but Jack starts feeling a lot of guilt and begins trying to make a better effort on his marriage and at home. Sara, however, begins to develop a great deal of self-confidence that she never seemed to have before. T.J.’s newest friend, Rodney, finds important evidence that could help in Lou’s murder case.

Sara’s concerns about her betrayal and the possibility of her affair being exposed greatly intensifies as the season continues. Jack then makes a huge confession that leaves him exposed but brings him closer to Sara than he has ever been before. Drew continues to wonder where Sara has been and tries to find out what she is actually up to. Drew ends up finding out about the affair and goes to tell Jack’s wife that he is cheating on her. Knowing the truth about the affair, Sara and Drew struggle with their relationship at home and how their decisions will impact their son’s life.

The FBI is now tracking Jack down, but he decides to take Sara away on a romantic road trip. T.J. must deal with his friend Brandy’s death but finds himself behaving recklessly and dangerously. Jack then strikes a deal with an unlikely ally and makes a huge confession that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. The murder of Lou now becomes clear, and Sara works to exonerate Jack by attempting to find evidence and revisiting their past together. Jack and Drew agree to put their differences aside for the case and work together in order to take down Thatcher. The scene is left with Sara getting shot, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Series Finale

In the jaw-dropping series finale of Betrayal, everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. Jack doesn’t know that Sara has been shot until he later sees her being wheeled into an ambulance. He then hears the cops talking about how they caught the killer and saw his son being arrested. Jack breaks down in tears and tells his wife about the crimes that he’s witnessed being committed. Sara wakes up in the hospital, but Drew is warned that she may have brain damage. She appears to be fine and even recognizes Drew as her husband. Drew ends up speeding up the grand jury’s indictment that sends Thatcher to prison, but not before he sets up a trust fund for his children. Thatcher ends up killing himself before being arrested. Sara is willing to try to re-build her marriage with Drew.

At the end of the series finale, Sara runs into Jack at the train station. She asks him why he never came to see her at the hospital, but he doesn’t answer. Sara isn’t ready to close the door on Jack, so she decides to visit him at work where he admits that he did come to see her. In the final scenes, Sara chooses who she want to be with and hands him a glass of wine, but we are left not knowing whether it is for Jack or for Drew. Watch Betrayal online to make your own predictions about Sara’s choice.