When William Tate is sprung from prison, the gift comes with one simple string attached: It is now his job to protect a special little girl named Bo with his life. Originally airing March of 2013, Believe pushed the boundaries of the fantasy and science fiction genres on television. Check out our guide to the series, then watch Believe online. William Tate, imprisoned for a crime that wasn’t entirely his fault, and sitting on death-row awaiting his execution, is ready to jump at the chance to get out of prison, though his suspicions are aroused when he’s told all he has to do is protect a little girl to get out.


Believe Story

As it turns out, he’s right to be suspicious. Bo is incredibly special. She’s developed very special abilities such as the power to sense what people are thinking and feeling, psychic visions that she doesn’t always understand, manipulation of objects in the world around her and has a strong need to help people. Originally trained by a group known as Orchestra, Bo is being hunted by those in charge of the group who would want to turn her into a weapon. While Tate is busy trying to follow the instructions of Dr. Milton Winter and keep her safe, Bo is constantly breaking away from him to help someone with a difficult dilemma or prevent someone from dying.

Though the relationship between Tate and Bo begins heavy on sarcasm and pushing each other’s buttons, the two quickly develop a rapport and decide that if they are going to be on the run from the group who wants to take Bo and use her abilities for their own gain, they may as well present a united front and help as many people as they can along the way.

It is eventually revealed that Bo’s powers are inherited from her mother, a woman with whom Tate shares a history. Bo’s mother died as one of Orchestra’s subjects, her health degrading as a result of pushing the use of her powers too far.

Believe Characters

Bo Adams – Portrayed by Johnny Sequoya, Bo is a sweet and precocious little girl. By all appearances, she is normal, but in reality, she has been trained in a secret lab to hone her super human skills. When the people who trained her began to push her too far, and began plans to weaponize her gifts, a select few who believed in her smuggled her out, and she’s been on the run ever since.

William Tate – Portrayed by Jake McLaughlin, Tate is a convicted felon, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty. Rough around the edges, Tate is sarcastic and quick to anger. Though he has a good heart and does want to protect Bo, he frequently hides his emotions and allows his frustration to get the better of him. As time goes on, he becomes the little girl’s most loyal ally.

Milton Winter – Portrayed by Delroy Lindo, Dr. Winter was one of the men employed to work with Bo, and her mother before her. He believes in Bo’s inherent goodness, and it is that belief in her and a promise he made to her mother that convinces him to get her away from Orchestra. He makes it his own personal mission to keep her safe, and it is his plan that breaks Tate out of prison to help them.

Janice Channing – Portrayed by Jamie Chung, Channing is a security expert. She was originally Orchestra’s head of security and when Bo escaped their custody, was the operative sent to retrieve her. After being injured during that attempt at retrieval, Channing realized how special Bo was, and that there was no way she could take her back in. She quickly became Winter’s second in command and one of the people Bo was closest to. When Tate is first brought in to protect Bo, he and Channing frequently butt heads. Channing believes that she should be responsible for Bo’s safety. As Bo and Tate grow closer though, Channing begins to trust him.

Roman Skouras – Portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, Skouras is the head of Orchestra. At one time, he and Winter were partners in their endeavors to house and train especially gifted individuals. Though he receives public recognition for his humanitarian work, he is actually ambitious and cold, stopping at nothing to achieve his own goals. He plans to create his own army of telepathic fighters, and he prizes Bo’s abilities above all others. His questionable methods and dangerous experiments cost him many of his employees though. As he spirals, he becomes obsessed with finding Bo or someone else with equally strong abilities.

Dani – Portrayed by Mia Vallet, Dani is a homeless teenage girl discovered by Orchestra while they are searching for Bo. Her telepathic abilities are on par with Bo’s and Skouras believes that he can train her as Bo’s replacement, making her the crown jewel of his experiments. He uses dangerous experiments and training methods to push her to develop her powers faster and she becomes as obsessed with finding Bo as he is, wanting to know what Bo has that she doesn’t.

Nina Adams – Portrayed by Ella Rae Peck, Nina is Bo’s mother, and her story plays out primarily in flashbacks. She was recruited by Orchestra for her abilities and was a willing participant in their tests and experiments until she became pregnant with Bo and her abilities began to cause her health to degrade. Knowing how sick she was becoming, she made Winter promise to take care of her child if she couldn’t. She frequently comes to Bo in visions when Bo is emotional.